52 Best Moments from STEEMFEST4 Bangkok - Part 2 of 2

in Steemfest 45 months ago (edited)

The earlier plan was to split this post into four... due to many things on my plate, I wanna post ALL remaining best moments in one post and cover my after-STEEMFEST thoughts prompted by @anomadsoul immediately in the next post.

So without further ado, my remaining 38 best moments are:

Stepping into Siam Society for the first time - a lush green place enlivened by pop-pink coloured wooden handfans throughout...

... transforms into a lovely environment for conversations and ice-breakers. @cryptospa and @anomadsoul


Connecting under a warm sun with @nainaztengra, @buppke & @misslasvegas.

With @poezio - one of the first people I get to meet at STEEMFEST.

Chatting with @aggroed. While we awe his successes with Splinterlands, the reality to get here was far from easy.

@roelandp wearing that.

My first time meeting the new @steemit team. (From L-R) @justinw, @vandeberg, @elipowell, @andrarchy and @roadscape.


@lukestokes thanking the @steemit team for persevering a hard year, increasing revenues and delivering a more grounded plan moving forward.

@aggroed sharing awesome performance numbers for Splinterlands. In a challenging year for STEEM as a whole, it is nice to know that some projects have met success... and we can learn from them.

For example, Deegram shares their next plans is to stop, reflect and find their product-market-fit. It takes a rare humility to admit and share your challenges publicly. Kudos to @robinron, please let us know how we can help.

@dmitrydao giving an update on Steem Proposal System (SPS) and sharing some housekeeping tips for proposal submission.

Probably the highlight of Day One - @vandeberg and @gerbino giving a demonstration of how a smart media token (SMT) can be launched; with or without fundraising option.


Visiting Wat Pathum Wanaram together after Day One Conference.

It is amazing how beautifully serene and tranquil this place is; when just outside its walls is the hustle bustle of a chaotic city. (You can see the Siam Paragon - one of the largest shopping malls here in the background)

Speaking of Siam Paragon... we had our dinner at the bowling alley with (from L-R) @goblinknackers, @slobberchops, and @dylanhobalart.

Practice rounds.

Competitive spirits @jeffjagoe and @bitrocket2020

Entering the post office for Day Two Conference.
Yes. It's a post office.

A really nice one.

The energy of the people you meet here is really great :D
(From L-R) @starkerz, @misslasvegas, @howo, @anyx, @lukestokes

Meeting @lukestokes and later his wife and army of children.

@gandalf and @elipowell - This is a nice one.

@howo highlighting some serious problems facing STEEM. They are not easy to solve.

@aggroed reminding us why it all matters again - it's about creating trust in a digital world.

@steemrollin demonstrating why decentralised finance (deFi) is the most exciting topic moving into 2020.

So interesting that I decided to participate in @steemrollin's roundtable session immediately after with @buppke.

Always a great sight to see Steemians from all over the world in one spot.

Dinner by the Chao Praya River.

Trying Grab Bike. (Not for everyone - you need to hang on for dear life)

Dutch Pancakes!!! @roelandp

"You got to beat it to eat it." - @khimgoh

Night Market & Thai Sweets

Adventurous - @gamer00 and Leo (son) trying new flavors.


Thai Fish Cakes in all sizes

Deepfried Century Eggs. Yum!!!

Sweet Juicy Pineapples w Pink Salt & Chilli Flakes

Mango Sticky Rice Bingsu by After You. YASSSSS!!!

Pad Thai Noodles I had on Sathorn Road.

The Tom Yum Goong I had on the very first night!

Looking forward to STEEMFEST V.

Wherever it may be, I'll be there.

Revisit Best Moments - Part 1 here.


Oh wow, looks like it was such a great time, and the pictures of food are making me drool!

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