Application for Community Curator for August 2023

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Assalam-o-Alaikum !السلام عليكم

I welcome you all once again to my steemit blog. Dear steemit team, i am currently working as steemit user and last two month i was very much busy in my home issue but now i am back , and i am very much happy , that i am again applying for curator for month july ,i got late, but i thought i will submit my application to place my entry i am going to apply for Community Curators for August 2023 , i have great hope that I will be eligible if i have ability in front of selection team , i'll try my best again and again now my only pray is that Allah may make every person successful in every field of his life. As you all my steemit family know that I have been associated with the steemit platform since 2017 and during this tenure I have learned a lot with time and honesty in all activities for the improvement and development of the steemit platform.

And joined with sincere intention and thanks to all these efforts I got a lot of love from all of you, I think I should use my experience for the betterment of steemit family and work hard as much as possible.

Honestly, using the opportunity given by the steemit team, I should work for the betterment of steemit in every way and in this regard, I offer my services to join the community curators and newcomers curators team.

I am very grateful to the @steemitblog team for giving us the opportunity to work as community curators and newcomers curators so that we can use our skills and experience to work for the betterment of the steemit platform.

My profile details are listed below. I have tried to present my profile to all of you in brief.


A brief summary of your history on Steem

My full real name as given to me by my parents is Yousafharoon Khan, and my steemit account is also under my real name, which is @yousafharoonkhan, this time i am working as curator in Team Newcomer .

I joined the steemit platform on November 2017 and since then It has been almost five years since I have been present with my true identity on the steemit platform.

I am known on steemit by almost all the people of the world who have been associated with steemit at any point of time and I am proud that the people of Pakistan know me very well and get all kinds of guidance from me related to steemit. During this period I established urdu community on steemit due to which Pakistani people got opportunity to write in urdu, I have never misbehaved with any user on steemit but I guided every incoming user in every way.

This is the reason why I have not been involved in any illegal reward activities during the last five years but I have always fought against the black sheep on the steemit platform which has often led to People must dislike me for that reason. But I will be disliked by the same people against whom I work against vote farming, multi account.

I have onboarded many people on steemit and I am also recognized as senior Pakistani steemian. I wish to continue to guide my new steemit user with my five years of experience. I made my first crypto investment in steemit coin and added to my SP by buying steemit.

I have never downgraded my SP since November 2017 till date. There have been many ups and downs during the five years but I have increased my SP through every possible effort.

I have never powered down since November 2017, I have seen many people power up and then power down but I have never powered down steemit and at this time I am the member of #club100.


Details of any positions of responsibility you have held on Steem.

i have working experience as - As a Steemit Curator in Team Newcomer
i am very much thankful to steemit team for always supporting me and giving me opportunity to serve my steemit , i will keep continue my this effort honestly in future also.

As a Senior Pakistani Steemian I have worked on many responsibilities since November 2017. I performed all these responsibilities with honor and honesty and gained a lot of respect and trust and that is all my success I worked honestly with true identity.

I'M Founder Admin Urdu Community. I am currently working as a founder admin in the only Pakistani community which is one of the old community.

Compared to the Urdu community, different people created dozens of communities and after getting some benefits, they used to create new communities, but I am the only senior citizen who kept the Urdu community alive and provided guidance to the people of Pakistan in every way.

  • As a Steemit Curator Team free style

As a curator I had worked as a steemit curator Team free style, and in addition I have also worked as a curator country for Steemcurator07. Apart from that I have worked as a curator in various tribes and whales which I consider my success.

  • As a professor in Crypto Academy

I have worked as a professor in Crypto Academy, as a professor I have guided new users in every way to write their Achievements post, besides I have guided hundreds of users through various courses.

  • As CR Pakistan

As CR Pakistan I promoted Steemit in my district and province and as CR Pakistan I worked in every way for the improvement of steemit platform which is the witness of my performance which is completely transparent.

  • I have also worked as a plagiarism checker, I caught many black sheeps, I took strict action against abusers, multi accounts, vote farming, that's why many abusers don't like me. but I will never give up on my quest to be free from abuse. The new commerce community is witness to how strongly I acted against those, especially the Pakistani black sheep, who were involved in vote farming through dozens of accounts. We blacklisted them from the new commerce community and I also worked against plagiarism as a professor at Crypto Academy. We have caught several plagiarists, my efforts are ongoing.


Details of specialist or professional skills or expertise you have in ‘real life

  • I am currently working as a secondary level educator and as a tutor for university classes.
  • I have many years teaching experience, university and school level. crypto trading experience .
  • I have completed Specialization Degree in Education Field.
  • I have completed Bachelor of Education degree with First Class
  • And I also lecture to various level classes as a motivational speaker.
  • I have passion from steemit blogging.
  • I do crypto trading very passionately and as a crypto trader I have many disciples.
  • I started my online writing life on steemit and am still connected.
  • I want to complete MPhil doctor degree in future and do my research as a researcher in my field of education,
  • I am very fond of writing and reading.

Experience in Newcomer's Guidance

Respected team , i am very happy and proud feel to inform that i had worked as curator with Team Newcomer and it is great experience so i feel proud to complete every task and responsibility that had been given from steemit team .

  • I am always in touch with the newcomer's community team and from time to time I discuss with the team information about suspicious user activities. I have always tried that small but quality progress is the sign of success.

I have always tried to guide new Pakistanis by pointing out their mistakes whenever I see his post. A

  • part from this I have given my phone number and personal whatsapp number to every original steemit user who is working on steemit from Pakistan. My personal phone number is available to almost every Pakistani male and female user ,

  • both gender contact with me for guide line, i feel proud to guide them and I am the guider of all.

  • i do As an admin, I explain the Urdu community to the Urdu speakers in their Urdu language.

  • I onboarded many new users during steemit's promotion campaign who are still doing great.


What country you live in and what languages you can read fluently.

I live in the beautiful country of Pakistan. My national and mother tongue is Urdu. My province is Punjab which is the largest province of Pakistan .

I can speak and understand Urdu, English, Sarahiki, Punjabi languages ​​fluently. Also, I use a translator to communicate with people from other countries, because as a teacher, I often have discussions on education topics. It has been proven effective.


Your key stats - own SP, CSI, Reputation, Delegations.

I have all the keys saved and I have printed my keys and saved them in two or three places in the device. My account keys are in my sole custody. Currently my SP is 24,125.89 and I want to reach the target of 25000 as soon as possible. My CSI always stay over 15 to 20 .My Account Reputation is currently 74.895 and I have delegated around 18,395.75 SP to Urdu community.


  • Effective Power 5,730.14 SP ( 24,125.89 - 18,395.75 )
  • Delegation urdu-community 18,183.258 SP
  • Reputation 74.893


Any subjects you particularly enjoy curating.

As a steemit blogger and blogger I have written a lot on food, tourism, photography, motivational articles and reviews and these are my favorite topics. I want to be honest. I love to write on every topic be it education, food, tourism, diary, game and my favorite #tag are #Thediarygame, #landscapephotography, #myvillage10pic #motivation #writing and i love curate these tag if i get opportunity.


The minimum team size you would be willing to serve in (4 or 5 people per team).

I believe that team work is the guarantee of success in any work. I have always worked as a team and a good honest team is a sign of success.

i think it is very good decession of steemit team that now they are going to create smaller team so it is great idea, so i am ready to apply for this new change, i will do my best effort and hope i will get chance this month
I am very much thankful to my all steemit team that i got this opportunity to apply for For The Role of Community Curator for april 2023, I have great wish to work as curator April 2023 and Member of Team Newcomer , I always played role honestly to make the steemit quality of community. i have great experience and also curation experience with great people .

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best of luck


Sir you are very good writer, I got many guidelines from you. You are the best guide and teacher, I always wish you the best.
جناب آپ بہت اچھے مصنف ہیں، مجھے آپ کی طرف سے بہت سی گائیڈ لائن ملی ہیں۔ آپ بہترین رہنما اور استاد ہیں، میری ہمیشہ آپ کے لیے نیک خواہشات ہیں۔

 11 months ago 

یہ میرا فرض ہے کہ میں آپ سب کی راہنمائی کرو۔خوش رہو

mari dua Allah ap ku kamyabi day. ap bhut achay hain . ap ki waja say hum ku adar bhut asani hoti hai. mari uda ap ku zaror zaror kamyabi hasal hoo

 11 months ago 

اللہ آپکو جزائے خیر عطا کرے۔آمین

آپ بہت اچھے اور تجربہ کار انسان ہیں، نیک بخت۔ میری دعا ہے کہ آپ کامیابی حاصل کریں آمین

 11 months ago 

یہ سب آپ بھاہیوں کی محبت ہے۔ آمین

یوسف بھائی آپ ایک بہترین اور عمدہ معلم ہیں۔ آپ کی دی گئ گائیڈ لائن میرے لیے ہمیشہ فائدہ مند ثابت ہوئی ہے۔دعا ہے کہ آپ کی درخواست قبول کر لی جائے اور آپ کو ماہِ اگست کا کمیونٹی کیوریٹر مقرر کر دیا جائے۔ نیک دعاؤں کے ساتھ۔ @zaibb

 11 months ago 

thank you respected @zaibb for this appreciation
may Allah bless you every success ameen

My pleasure sir

 11 months ago 

اللہ آپ کو کامیابی عطا فرمائے، آپ اچھے انسانوں میں سے ہیں اور پہلو میں بہت معاون ہیں، میں نے آپ سے سٹیمیٹ کے بارے میں بہت کچھ سیکھا، شادی کے بعد میں ایکٹو نہیں ہوں۔

آپ ہمارے عظیم رہنما ہیں، میں نے آپ سے ہر چیز سیکھی، آپ نے ہمیشہ ہماری رہنمائی کی اور مجھے پوری امید ہے کہ آپ کو اس عہدے کے لیے منتخب کیا جائے گا نیک خواہشات

sir ap bhut dua ka Allah ap ku kamyab kry, ap nay hamesha har aik ku bhut azat di. mari dill say dua pa ka lia
bhut bhut dua ap ka lia. ap best pakistani aur insan bhe ju azat krta har aik ki

 11 months ago 

آپ عظیم اور مہربان انسانوں میں سے ہیں، اللہ آپ کو اس سلسلے میں کامیابی عطا فرمائے

 11 months ago 

آپ کی محبت ہے۔آمین

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