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Huobi is a cryptocurrency exchange and is one of the most profitable businesses in recent years. however, trading cryptocurrencies is not a breeze as it is much more difficult to trade than other financial instruments.

you need to have sufficient funds, solid security protocols and a safe and reliable brand. huobi seeks to operate by meeting these criteria.

what are its advantages?

Huobi offers business assistance to more than 130 countries and has opened sales offices and business centres in Singapore, United States, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and several other countries. It also supports the 13 languages used for the service customers in the countries listed above.

Huobi has been involved in this sector since 2013 and this illustrates its great expertise and capabilities. In recent years, their activities in the United States, Japan, Korea and Hong Kong have increased.

Huobi global also has a cryptocurrency exchange company HADAX, which is the world's first exchange of autonomous token lists.

Exchanging cryptocurrencies with huobi is very simple. first, you need to enter your email address and set a password. however, in order to make higher withdrawals, you must send your identity documents.

Through Huobi you can access several interesting functions. First of all, there is a high presence of charts, indicators that show different time intervals and help trading experts to place their trades.

Huobi also has android and iOS apps. The platform supports over 248 cryptocurrences.

Some of the financial instruments relating to huobi are as follows:

  • bitcoin (btc)
  • bitcoin cash (bch)
  • btc gold (btg)
  • dash (dash)
  • litecoin (ltc)
  • ethereum (eth)
  • ethereum classic (etc)

Huobi also has a personal token through which you can have exclusive benefits.

In fact, those who use HT (huobi token) can get a 50% discount on trading fees and a vip subscription.

HT token provides liquidity. And they are also repurchased by huobi every quarter to form the huobi investor protection fund.

Huobi commissions. Is it convenient?

Huobi is an exchange platform that applies a commission system based on the volume of user exchanges. Other exchange platforms also apply a commission plan. we are talking about bitstamp, kraken and the rock trading for example.

The maker’s commission is 0.1% of the negotiated amount. while for taker volumes in the last 30 days it is different depending on the amount of cryptocurrency trading:

  • less than 50 btc - 0.2%
  • over 50 btc - 0.18%
  • above 200 btc - 0.16%
  • over 600 btc - 0.14%
  • above 1500 btc - 0.12%
  • over 5000 btc - 0.10%
  • above 10000 btc - 0.08%

the exchange abolished the free policy in january 2017 in order to prevent it from influencing financial markets and increasing liquidity.

for example, deposits made in chinese yuan are free, while payments made in us dollars are charged according to the following scheme:

international bank transfer - 1% of the amount (maximum transferable amount - $ 150,000)
chinese yuan withdrawals are charged according to the levels. each level is reached when the specified number of points is collected:

  • vip0 - 0 points - 0.50%
  • vip1 - 10000 points - 0.45%
  • vip2 - 100000 points - 0.40%
  • vip3 - 300000 points - 0.38%
  • vip4 - 500000 points - 0.35%
  • vip5 - 1000000 points - 0.30%
  • vip6 - paid service - 0.30%

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