Urdu Community Contest/S2W1 || Why And How Steemit Social Media Is Different And Better Than Other Social Media Platforms By @Talktofaith

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Hello guys, it's my pleasure to be participating in this #steemitengagement challenge season 2, week 1.

This is my first post alert in the Urdu Community and I want to thank the steemit team for making this possible via this contest/weekly challenge. This challenge had made it possible for most steemians to discover some other communities we never knew exists.

According to the parent contest challenge, we were asked to write about other social media platforms we use daily and why we think steemit is better of than them.

Social Media Platforms I Use Daily


First before I start the post proper, it will be nice I remind us what social media is all about.

According to wikipedia, Social media are interactive digital channels that facilitate the creation and sharing of information, ideas, interests, and other forms of expression through virtual communities and networks.

Basically social media is meant for interaction, communication and information sharing.

Social media is also designed to educate folks in different areas of life, they would love to learn. Social media today has made a whole lot of things easy and brought the globe to our door steps.

Below are the social medias I use daily apart from steemit...

  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook



Whatsapp is basically used for information sharing and communication. It is gradually taking the place of offline phone calls, as people use it for both voice calls and video calls.

Whatsapp enables folks to have a large number of people in a group in other to pass across an urgent and important information once to a large number of persons.

Whatsapp enables folks to share pictures, videos and documents very fast and easy.

The above benefits are the reason why I use WhatsApp on daily basis.



Facebook is equally used in communication and selling of information.

Facebook enables one to see and know the happenings around the world, via other people's updates.

Facebook enables users to see and know other people's daily lifestyle via their posts and updates.

Facebook provided users with a market place which they have to pay in other to advertise their products for others to see and buy if interested.

The above benefits are the reason why I use Facebook on daily basis.

Why Spending More Time On Steemit Is More Beneficial


Steemit as a social media platform had been a wonderful one for me since I got involved in it.

I had always known other social media platforms before I got to know about steemit in July 2020. But I can attest that since my involvement on steemit, I have not gotten what I got from steemit in a very short while, all the while I've been on other social media platforms.

Steemit in a short while gave a boost to my financial status, through the earnings here.

The calibers of persons on steemit are serious and business minded persons, who came for business and not for jokes unlike other social media platforms.

Coming onboard on steemit and meeting these guys made me think out of the box most times. It was a challenge and a good one for that matter.

There are a lot to learn on steemit from other users posts from different parts of the world.

On steemit, we are opportuned to learn highly scalable skills free of charge from communities like Steem Crypto Academy and Steem Skillshare on the steemit blockchain.

The benefits of spending more time on steemit cannot be over-emphasized.

Comparison Of The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Steemit And Other Platforms


SteemitOther Platforms
Steemit is built on the blockchainOthers are not built on the blockchain.
Steemit is DecentralizedOthers are centralized.
Steemit pays users for creating contents on the platform.Others doesn't pay it's users. Rather users put up their content for free.
Steemit doesn't encourage plagiarism.Others doesn't checkmate plagiarism.
Users account on steemit is highly secured and cannot be easily hackedUsers account on other platforms are not too secured and can be hacked at any point in time.


SteemitOther Platforms
Steemit is built on blockchain, hence everything is open. Users doesn't have their privacy.Users has their privacy and can private chat.


Above all that I have out-listed, steemit still remains the best and most useful social media platform for me. The learning, earnings and exposure are second to none.

I will always choose steemit over every other social media platforms.

Thanks guys for visiting my contest entry post.

I invite @ceendy20, @jovita30 and @ruthjoe to come participate in this amazing contest

Best regards

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Respected thank you very much for taking participate in Steemit Enagement Challenge | Season2, Week #1.

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You made very good explanation about whatapp and facebook..but i feel whatapp is messenger application ..as you said that steemit has no privacy ..i feel we use steemit for blogging not as messenger or private chat.but we have hope in comming future there will be change and facility of private chat like other

But great to know that steemit is best than all other media

 10 months ago 

@yousafharoonkhan - It will be useful if you show what each grade given is out of so the person knows where they can improve - for example 1 / 2 - ie 1 out of 2.

 10 months ago 

Yes.. Now we will mention ..reason

Thanks for the grading and input. No matter what, I will always choose steemit.

Steemit is the best till tomorrow. I cant even go to other social media because steemit.

My dear, it's all about priority.
We are by default attracted to what adds value to our lives.
Thanks for visiting.

Wahoo this absolutely true because all information on block chain are not hidden due to it decentralized system mean while it different with other systems

As long as blockchain is concerned, everything is open.
No privacy.
Thanks for visiting.
Best regards

Steemit have changed my mindset on other social media platform, I don't spend much time on them again, I something great to achieve on steemit so I turned attention to it

Steemit has done a lot for us.
There is no point wasting much time in something that wouldn't produce results.
Thanks for visiting.
Best regards

You've written a very nice contest here. Of course steemit has a tremendous advantage over other social media platforms. Thanks for sharing with us!

There are so many benefits of being on steemit..
Thanks for visiting.

Spending more time on Steemit is far more better than any other social media platform. Apart from being a block chain which made everything open. Steemit is number 1

Yes ooooooo
My sister, steemit is the number one among all.
Thanks for visiting.
Best regards

Correctly spoken, Facebook and every other social medias are very important but steemit is more important and crucial than all of them put together.

Steemit is more than important.
It is necessary to be on steemit, as long as you can read and write.
Thanks for visiting.

Thanks you too

Hello @talktofaith. Welcome to the challenge. I love the organization of your work. So concise and precise straight to the points.

Thanks for sharing such a beautiful work.

Thanks for visiting bro.

Steemit is the best platform I have ever loved.
Therefore,we should endeavour to spend more time on it and put in our very best.

Exactly, steemit is the best any time any day.
Thanks for visiting.
Best regards

Spending time on steemit is really beneficial more than any order social media because of it's financial benefits therefore steemit is the best

Steemit is the best social media platform actually, take it anywhere.
The earnings, learning etc are more than beautiful.
Thanks for visiting.

Best regards

You have wonderfully talked about social media.. but in all steemit is far better than the others. Good entry dear friend

In all steemit is the best oooooo.
There is no comparison at all.

Hi @talkofaith
Well done on this contest post.
Social media is indeed a platform for people to interact and communicate. And for a fact I believe that steemit is a platform that has helped it users financially.
This is a brilliant presentation and I enjoyed reading your post.


Thank you so much for visiting.
I am glad to know that you enjoyed reading my post.
Stay tuned for more.

The advantages of steemit surpasses all other social media platform for me. I agree with your disadvantage though because some people have private accounts on other social media platforms like Instagram

No matter how beautiful other social medias seem to look, steemit is no. 1
Thanks for visiting.

You are welcome 🤗

Hello my dear @talktofaith

I love your choices of the social media platforms you use the most on daily basis. With no doubt they are the most commonly used social media platform by a lot of people all over the world because of how cheap and less difficult it is when using it. I too uses this platforms the most frequently most especially WhatsApp. I think I can't go for more than an hour without opening WhatsApp when ever my phone is with me.

When talking of steemit, there is no regrets when someone spends time using it because of its high level of benefits which is ranging from the rewarding system to the system where people get to know each other, people get to learn new things by reading at people's articles. I have met alot friends on this platform and I have even gone as far as meeting up with them in real world

Thanks so much for this great entry my dear

Steemit has proven to be one of the best platform operating in recent times. It has a lot of advantages that gives hope to all and sundry.

This is nice. For me due to phone isues, i dont remember the last time i went on Facebook

Well detail entry, social media is a place we share information with our friends. And there is so lot of different between Steemit and other social media. Thank you for sharing with us

Beautiful explanation on your social media preferences. It is quite amazing to have all of these platforms assist us in learning, carryout our business activities and communicate with other people. But in all steemit outshines all others with its wonderful benefits

Thanks for sharing

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