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Greetings great steemians it is really great to begin the season 2 of the contest and I would love to say a big congratulations to all the selected communities and their MODs.

Most especially to the URDU COMMUNITY, I hope to give my best and be productive in the best way I can.

Today's contest is about the different social media channels and how steemit is purely different and better than all. I am @camzy and this is my entry post.



Write about the social media you use the most daily and why is it beneficial for you or not?


As we all know, There are so many social media channels and Just a few popular ones that we all use. the layman definition of a social media is an online community where people come together to socialize, share content and network with each other.

For me the social media network I engage in most times daily is TikTok.


TikTok is generally a video hosting platform more like youtube but very different based on the nature of contents being uploaded there which are mostly skits, pranks, comedies, music sounds and generally entertainments.

Tiktok is a chinese company and have gained great popularity over time with over millions of users subscibed to it, the app could also be connected to other social media handles like instagram and youtube.

Tiktok has been beneficial to me in many ways and I will be listing a few below

Stress Relieve
This one angle many people dont get to admit, but for me, after a stressful day. I tend to watch funny video, pranks, music and lots of entertainment to help relieve the stress of the day.

Advert Purposes
It is very easy to advertise a product and grow it across quite a number of users based on the tiktok algorithm that automatically takes your posts to views who might be interested in the for you page compared to a some social media that allow shows your post to your followers

It is very easy to make new friends as long as you engage in activities, comment, and create contents. you gain followers and can interact with people easily, with either chats, voice calls or video calls.


Why do you think spending more time on steemit than on other social media platforms can help you grow in life and benefits your life?


Spending time on steemit has helped my life in so many ways. I was a novice in anything concerning cryptocurrency. I knew cryptocurrency is the future but I had no idea how it works.

I begged a few friends to teach me but everyone gave a charge bigger than what I can afford. So I was introduced to steemit and I spent time and went through all the achievement posts and also attend the crypto-academy lectures. from within few months I grew in knowledge from a novice to an intermediate. Learning about the decentralized nature os steemit and its advantages, learning about cryptocurrency and how it works, learning about how to trade safely on the crypto market, and the biggest joy is earning while you learn.

with the money I made from steemit, I was able to afford a laptop and learn some digital skills which other social media networks couldn't give me but rather consumed my data with no income generated.

Also the steemit community is wide with no limits compared to others social platforms, and this has aided me to involve in many activities and has increased my knowledge in diverse areas of life. As we always say "Knowledge is power".


Compare steemit with other social media giving advantage and disadvantage


Advantages of Steemit
There are so many advantages of steemit and I will be listing out a few

Decentralized Nature
The decentralized nature of steemit making each person a boss of his own is great and this makes users to create content that is suitable to them and the community with no fear of losing the account.

compared to tiktok, instagram, facebook where you can lose an account for a violation of their community rules.

Access to Knowledge
Like a friend of mine would say that steemit is a bank of wisdom, there is literally no aspect of life that you intend to find out about that you cannot find on steemit, and access to all forms of knowlegde is totally free.

This is a rare system that is scarce among other social networks

Reward System
Aside the fact that there is access to learning, the reward system for both curators and authors are amazing making it a unique platform where you learn and earn at the same time.

There are only a few social networks eg (hive network) that do this but compared to all, it is purely the best among all

Disadvantages of Steemit

There are very few disadvantages of Steemit.

Popularity Preference
Compared to other social networks that a content can make you popular over night on the steemit network, It takes time to be well known as there are criterias to be met. examples is the Achievement 1 post. Also irrespective of how great a content is, it still may not be rewarded as votes are not mandated. and popularity and followership takes time to develop.

Volatility of the asset
There is no fixed price of the asset as some day may be bad and some days could be great. so it is almost impossible to determine your total net worth.

In conclusion, the steemit social network is the best social network you would see on the internet today, I also wish the developers could get us a steemit app that would make everything easier just like other social networks.

I would attest that joining the steemit community is the best decision I made and I would also invite @nikoyana, @whitestallion and @allbert to make their entries


Great write up, definitely steemit is the best
I will drop my entry soonest

I await your entry

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Respected thank you very much for taking participate in Steemit Enagement Challenge | Season2, Week #1.

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Tiktok got popularity very fast i also love tiktok to watch funny videos

Thank you very much you made great review about steemit and vs other social media

Thank and keep continue your quality of work.

Steem on

Thanks so much for the remark.. I appreciate
@yousafharoonjhan I think I belong to club75 rather than club50

Wow, great write up
The aspect of popularity you mentioned caught my interest

Yh thanks for going through my post

Steemit is a great place to learn. I love steemit

Definitely, we can't love steemit less

Excellent post friend.

Steemit has been a social network that has changed the lives of many and has allowed people who did not know about cryptocurrencies to approach this world and get a reward for doing so. Although being recognized on Steemit is difficult, with effort and dedication it can be achieved.

Yes friend, being recognized can be achieved with hard work and consistency.

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