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Well this aint a new word i am pretty sure of that. Everyone of us not only heard but used social media.social media has now became an integral part of life. Imaging a life without social media is difficult nowadays. Social media is a platform where people from different places religions community interact with each other exchange their ideas culture etc. Some most popular examples of social media WhatsApp Instagram Facebook Snapchat and our beloved steemit. Steam it also is an social media platform but it's in each and every aspect different from all social media's that we use. The general social media like Facebook Instagram Snapchat they are centralised but steamed is a decentralized blockchain based social media platform and its one of a kind. now that we know what social media is and what steam it is let's come to the real question.


Now that we know what social media is question is what are the different social media platform is that you use. So I'll be telling each and every social media that I use except steemit. Show on my day today basis I used many social media platforms, but the social media platform that I mostly use are Instagram Whatsapp Snapchat & telegram. well these names won't be a new thing for you because there are being used by the billions of people all over the globe. Neither do I need to explain what we can do on these different social media platforms. Almost all of you might be using social media platform is like Facebook Twitter Instagram linked in discord telegram. now let's take a look at each one of these one by one and let's see it's benefits as well as its disadvantages. Starting with WhatsApp.



Twitter is a social media platform that is used for generally business political entrepreneur purposes. Twitter is very different from other social media platform here users can tweet and the tweet is available to everyone. This platform is generally used to make a statement like take an example of Luna Luna under go through a dump the reason is still unknown but people were just waiting for the creators tweet you can say that it in some ways have replaced the news. in the old prime minister only one means of knowing anything that was news now it's being replaced by Twitter official statements are made on Twitter and then news reporters get the news from the Twitter and the posted so tribut is an intermediate. Twitter also has verification purpose to verify the accounts that belong to some businessman entrepreneur journalist etc. Getting a verification mark on that easy to verify each and everything about you. Talking of myself I have an verified Twitter account by the name aasifwani8. I have got the verification badge in journalism you can check out my Twitter by clicking on this link



Starting with the WhatsApp, is the most commonly used social media platform in my locality people use this platform to chat with the friends and family or colleagues etc currently the WhatsApp is only by meta. Well to me WhatsApp is and replacement for the conventional SMS with some added benefits. on WhatsApp you can chat with your friends family or colleagues at you just need to have their number. That is you cannot trend on chat with anyone this ads to the privacy. One can also post that 24 hourly States on the WhatsApp platform to show what he or she is up to. WhatsApp is very common among all groups.WhatsApp was founded by Jan Koum and Brian Acton.


images (9).jpeg

Talking about Instagram, this is a social media platform where you can interact with people all around the globe. Instagram was invented by Kevin Systrom Mike Krieger & was initially released to generall public on October 6, 2010. Unlike WhatsApp you don't have to have a number of a friend family member communicate with them stop instead you need to have an ID name. You can follow celebs models influences businessman entrepreneurs. On this platform you can upload photos you can upload videos you can upload reels and everything you upload it's up to you with whom you want to share that or whom you like to see that post. There are two types of accounts in Instagram one is private accountant one is public account. The difference between public and private is the public account is available to all anyone can search and view photos and videos of public account on the other hand the private account is little private to view their photos and videos you have to initially request then to follow and if the accept your call request then and only then you can see their posts. Instagram as an advantage as well some disadvantages the disadvantages or its addictive and there are some vulgar posts there is nudity, you don't know what will come next so you have to be your surrounding while you are scrolling to the Instagram.



Talking about Snapchat it's a photo sharing platform. Here you can also interact with the people all around the globe but first they need to accept your friend request here you can search a friend by his username or if someone is using their mobile number as verification purpose you will just see them in your contact list so you can add them from there. In Snapchat the initial interface camera of the phone you slept photos and send it right way to the friends you want to share it with. Snapchat was created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown. In the Snapchat platform there is something called snapscore. To increase the snap score you have to send snacks to your friends the more the score the bigger influence you have on the Snapchat platform the snaps could can be early increased by sending snaps on snap send or received equals to one snap score that is if you send 100 snaps and your friend views hundred snaps then you are snaps could be hundred. This also comes with some disadvantages that are you have to open the app daily in order to maintain the streaks.the streak is a number that is represented by how many days you have send a snap continuously to that friend with whom you are the streaks.


Basically the answer to this question is very simple as we know on the most social media platform what people do is waste time I'm not saying only about people I am also saying about myself in most of the cases if someone you just social media for 1 hour he or she generally gets 5 minutes or no time at all for productivity. That is the time spend on the general social media is wasted because you are not learning anything I am not saying you can't learn anything from social media but I am talking about people like me who you social media as entertainment tool not only me its ok social media as entertainment tool. The rest persons are influences businessman entrepreneurs who use these kind of social media for marketing attracting customers crowd funding etc.

On the other hand steemit is totally different from the convention of social media that we use you don't get any ads you don't have any useless posts no vulgar posts no controversial posts. 90% of the posts made on steemit add value the rest or some useless people trying to scam people. You can see the difference between conventional social media and steemitconventional social media platform 90% of the people waste their time and we can see on steemit 90% of the people show their talent show your writing skills show how the day went and what not. More and more time with steemit is opportunity to earn a good income if you are punctual writing is good you can earn a very good income.I'm not saying you cannot come using conventional social media but you have to be and some kind of influencer some kind of activist to earn money but does not a case on steemit. Person is treated equally here no matter how the followers he has content is good he will get upwards you will get a good income. It can also be additional income source if you work hard on it as we know good things don't come easy so don't expect to get upwards for each and every post you make no it doesn't work that. you may quality post you add something to the community and you get upwards and return that help you on a livelihood. Basically these are my reasons why I should steemit more than Instagram WhatsApp Snapchat etc.


Steeemit is a blockchain based social media networkconventional social media networks do not use blockchain.
the steamed account is very much secure by the private keys that the owner hasconventional social media is not that secure when compared to steeemit.
Steamed gives you an opportunity to earn a good income even for a beginnerthe convention social media platform do not give your opportunity to earn money if you are a beginner.
Steemit is a decentralized platformconventional social media is centralized.
Steemit encourage's you to be real and free of plagiarismconventional social media doesn't care about plagiarism.
Steam it does not give any privacy as it is blocked so everything is available for the general public.the conventional social media gives you some security in this purpose where your private chats are not available to general public.


Conclusion of the post is steemit is better than any other social media platform. The steemit monetary rewards for the hard work you do it restrictyou from bad thinga like plagrism. Here you get to learn alot talking about myself I have been old user and almost it's been here and good joining scheme it I was having no knowledge of crypto but after an year I am having adequate knowledge of crypto. I not only know various criptocurrence is but with the help of steamed I came to know about how do things work what are the various constances mechanism and I don't think I would have got the information from somewhere else I am not saying that it this information isn't available elsewhere but what I am saying is I would have never known exist and I would have never search it these things so basically steam it was in eye opener for me.
I would like to invite @zeewanee to perform this task.


@aasifwani you wrote an excellent post. I surely will participate in this engagement task. I wish you the very best.

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you wrote best contest post. you described all points very beautifuly. thank you for this post to enter in contest week 1 season 2

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