I will bribe you to post good content in my comics community!

I will be giving away some steem to “good” posts in the comics community I started. The content can be about comics or games or even cartoons/movies. Just want to play with the community function and figure giving people money may help kickstart it :)

So join this community, post and get some extra steem sent to your wallet!

 4 years ago 

As a South African, I feel it is my duty to accept any and all bribes

 4 years ago 

LOL Jay z memes are the best!

I dub thee “Holder of bribes” :)

 4 years ago 

LOL can it be HODler of bribes? Yes I’m a crypto grammar Nazi so sue me

 4 years ago 


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 4 years ago 


Hi.... can I share anime-related stuff in this community like fanarts or anime review... :) I usually use my @harulovesanime account for reviews, though... ^^

 4 years ago 

Have a cross-post policy?

I don’t know yet....I am going to be posting some thoughts on this community soon as well as giving away a few coin to people who posted already.

You got any thoughts?

I do think I may highly curate the content if it grows...hmm

 4 years ago 

I usually have plenty of thoughts but I can not guarantee any homogeneity with the world/people of crypto, or Steem.

Highly curated seems a good idea tho but that’s probably because I’m a reading snob and chose my “reading destinations” based on quality/narrative.

Meh nonhomegeneity keeps it real! And I don’t mind different thoughts. Although these days so many people get worked up over just seeing things different. One of the things I enjoyed on steem, the varied people from all over and the diff views etc.

 4 years ago (edited)

Check Steem.chat. I didn’t find you in Discord so had to open that oldtimer again.

Okay okay....sounds cool....see me there :) ;)

Moved to the Hive platform.

I subbed and that's about all I can do (unless/until I find something to cross-post in there assuming I can work the cross-posting thing out...oh Steempeak has a thing for it, okay never mind XD) as the only comics I have are the shenanigans and while people seem to find them amusing I'm still not sure if they class as "good" content XD

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I cross-posted my old Free Comic Book Day 2019 - Pickup Haul post. I haven't made any recent content about comics nor cartoons, but I probably will soon! And I will for sure post them to help build up your space :^)

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