Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge: Equlizer Rule

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Yes playing time is finally over, even though am always active in the splinterlands realm battling daily, I really have been hindering myself from participating in the weekly challenge and other splinterlands activities. Lazy me, the contest and everything have been going on for years now and still running, kudos to the team behind this great opportunity.

I must say, after the upgrading and each league leader board was created, rising to the top (rating aspect) isn’t that easy anymore, imaging beating those with lower rating and all you can get is +5 rating added to your rating and once you lose they will deduct -30+ from your rating, it is really frustrating at times lolz. I think I should right a post on it. Let get to the business of the day, in this weekly challenge, we are to battle using the equalizer rule, this rule is one rule I really love the most because it give me the chance at times to use my best cards with lower health to battle with my opponent just like the battle today.

This was between me and @kaka7 in a 40 mana cap battle with the equalizer (all monster health are equal on each team) and also the little league (only 4 mana or less are available to use) rules. We were to choose between water, earth, life and dragon summoners. In this kind of situation, only my dragon and life summoner are strong enough to carry on, because I need an extra melee attack, I picked the dragon summoner (Daria Dragonscale) coupled with my life monster cards.

My Formation

Manticore was in the first position mainly because of the ability which are flying ( have chance of evading attack from both melee and range), Thorns (which does damage back to any melee that attack it), lastly Reach Ability (which give it the chance to attack from the second position on the team). Just noticing this last ability.

Crystal Werewolf.png

Crystal Werewolf was in the second position with the silence ability (to reduce enemy magic attack) and also the thorns ability also. But using my dragon summoner will surely increase the melee attack and it have a good speed of 4.

Defender of Truth.png

Defender of Truth is one of my magic monster card in the life realm because of the Armor ability which give other friendly monster double armor as protection

Divine Healer.png

Divine healer is always make use of on some rare occasion so as it can restores some health portion of my monster card in the first position. This card is always amazing to use.


Truthspeaker with the amour ability, I purposely make use of this card even though I never upgrade it. My instincts was telling me I might lose the battle if I don’t try to create a strong shield for my other monster cards. Making use of double amour ability will still make your cards survive from various melee and range attack.

Fire Spitter.png

Lastly was Fire Spitter with the flying ability and a good range attack and speed, I always put it in the last position.

According to the video above, my opponent isn’t taking it slightly with me after making use of the water summoner. His Naga Windmaster with the shatter ability was really destroying my amour, thanks to divine healer which came to my rescue and at last, I won the battle with a big fatality. It was a victory at last.

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