"Religious Sentiment"

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Religious sentiment can be the only issue for the next world war. Religious sentiment always is the most powerful tool for politicians of any independent country. Religious sentiment also is a powerful marketing tool for businessmen, not only that the religious sentiment also is a million-dollar business project itself. If a religious festival can break the boundary of religious sentiment, why we will not accept it as a common festival for every religious people?


Culture always represents society as well as a country. Common culture has no religious sentiment. Nobody can define a common culture from any religious angle. Common culture has only one religion that is nationality. Nationality sentiment is the most powerful tool to build a very strong infrastructure of a country.


Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, America, United Kindom many more country is a land of multiple religious people. When a nation has multiple religious people they have multiple religious sentiments as well as common culture also. This very easy to play with religious sentiment in a multi-religious country. A single sentence can make a cold war between two religious people. A single action can kill millions life if it is against any religious sentiment. Religious sentiment always is the most sensitive issue.

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India can be a great example of this. Who doesn't know about the Babri Mosque issue? An action against the religious sentiment still playing the game divide and role between Hindu and Muslim religious people. When we are living in an independent country why there is huge violence targeting only religious sentiment? If the government and politician love to play with our religious sentiment, if the businessman love to do business with our sentiment, what we should do? We should control our sentiment based on our religious idealogy.


Let me share an religious sentimental action from my earlier. When I was in Class six, one of my Muslim friends asked me a question, why you don't eat beef, when you drink the milk of a cow? When he asked me that question I started to hit him. What a fight between us. My class teacher made a complaint to my parents. When I reached home, my parents asked me why I fight with my friend in class? I replied he heat in my religious sentiment by asking a question. After laughing my father told me that our religion never teaches us to make any kind of debate with other people's religion. We should never use our religion as our debating topics. He also added let your friends asked a question the next day, You eat a banana but why you don't eat the peel of a banana? I'm sure he will get the answer to his question. The next day, I told him sorry and gave the answer to his question what my father told me. Believe me, from then still the boy is my best friend ever.


When a common culture has no boundary for any religion, why we don't apply for this religious festival? Who told you, we are not applying, we are celebrating the Eid-ul-Fitr combinedly, we are celebrating the Durga Puja combinedly, we are celebrating the Merry Christmas combinedly.


If we can celebrate our religious festival with all religious people of our country, why a negative sentiment generates violence in our minds against our mates and brothers. Why we forget the sentence "হিন্দু মুসলিম ভাই ভাই”. Action on religious sentiment is a result of our violent mind. A sentiment can be created by a politician, by a people, by a businessman, whatever it is, we should judge it by our religious idealogy, should not take any violent action on it, against our boardless religious brotherhood.

Stop playing with the religious sentiment and this is the only solution for the next world war.

Thanks for being with me.

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