POWER-UPS AND CONSISTENCY, THE WAY TO THE TOP(50% of post payout goes to steem.amal)

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I welcome you all to my blog. I know that where ever you are, you are in health and in safety.

Today i want to share with you all on something very important. You may have heard or come across it, but may not see the value of it. I want to share with you on power-ups and consistency, the way up


Power-ups and consistency is one of the most important key to be a successful steemian.
Power-ups just as the name implies "power and ups". This implies the steemian power to go up. Power-up is one thing i know that increases the influence of any steemian in a fast way. Power ups is like a man getting into an elevator inother to get to lets say the last floor of a 10 storey building. If mr A and mr B wants to get to the last foor of the same 10 storey building, and mr A decides to use the elevator while mr B decides to use the stair case. Mr A will get to the last flow faster and even before mr B . I guess mr A would have gone there and must have slept for about 2 to 3 hours before mr B would arrive. This is what power-ups can do.

Power-ups is so valuable that it does not just benefits you but it benefits even the platform, making it a standard system. Powerups enables you have more steem power which is also your voting power.
It is important for all steemians to know that the more the powerups the more the steem power and the more your earnings.

Learn never to spend all your earnings! Save. And one way to save is to power-up. I remember last week when i wanted to power up 70steem. A steemian asked me Why do you want to power up 70steem? is it not too much? I only smiled and replied "i wish i can do more" i took it upon my self to explain to that steemian the benefits attached to power-ups. And before i knew it the steemian went and did powerup too.
Power-ups gives you a voice here on steemit so dont spend all your earnings.
I know we have financial issues to settle but thats where the place of discipline comes in. I am determined to stay committed to power-ups.

Powerups can be done either by converting your SBD to steem and then you power it up. You can check this tutorial made by sir @anroja on how to convert your SBD to steem. Check here.
Another way to powerup is by setting your post on 100% powerup. This is done by going to your advance settings under the page you want to type your post.

I did my own powerup last week by powering up my steem. Below is how i went about it.




I logged into my wallet. And went to the place where my steem is located and clicked the arrow. A drop box oppened and i selected powerup. As seen in the screendshot


I clicked ok and the powerup took place




You see after my powerup there was an increase in my steem power.

Now let me talk about consistency. Consistency is an art of continuing in something even while you dont see the immediate result or see the result. Consistency is a a form of believing. Why? To be cosistent you must believe in that which you are doing. If you dont believe in what you are doing, there is no way you can believe in it.

I remember i joined steemit this year in the month of febuary. And ever since then i have been consistent in been active on the platform. I make post daily, i read and comment on peoples post, i socialize, get involve in other communities, do contests and the rest of other things. Doing all this takes time, effort and even data. But because i believe in steemit, i keep doing it.

Consistency does not take no for an answer. Most of the time while been consistent, my posts didn't get vote on it. It didn't stop me from making another post. A steemian who is not consistent will just give up immediately when there are no results. Its only a consistent steemian that will continue been active believing that one day he would smile.

I always tell people, consistency is key. Learn not to give up easily, there were numerous times i made post and didnt even get a comment on them not to talk of votes, even up til now i can make post and not get votes, but i will continue knowing fully well that am not just here for the money. Am here to add value to the lives of steemians and to this great platform.

On this platform i have come to realise that powerups and consistency are two great tools that will take you up! Dont neglect it. In all your doings here, do power-ups and be consistent with your activeness. You never can say when your visitation will come.

So i encourage everyone to take powering up seriously and wake up from inactivity and become consistent.
If we faint not, Together we will get to the top

Thank you for reading my post

Special regards to



 2 months ago 

it would be nice too if you can add the picture of you did power-ups (even though people can always peeking at your wallet😉). at least 3 photos in a post will be better for sure.

couldn't agree more with you about consistency 👍💪 daily post and engagement strongly advised (I can't do that anymore, i tried though) good job!

 2 months ago (edited)

Oh wow! Can i still edit the post to add the pictures? @cicisaja

thank you for reading.

 2 months ago (edited)

Ok ma i have edited the post and included some pictures. Thank you @cicisaja @mirzamg. @anroja

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