Talent Wins Games, But Teamwork And Intelligence Win Championships

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Good day beautiful people. Hope you all are doing awesome today. You're sure preparing for the end of the week. Just make sure your week has been worthwhile and you spent your week wisely.

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I'll be talking about teamwork majorly today. Literally, we all know that teamwork is the coming together of various people from various sectors to achieve a particular common goal.

Not just coming together but actually working together, where everyone is up and active and not lazy. Let's note that doing stuff alone without people helping with it might not be as effective as when there are people you are working with.

An adage says, one tree doesn't make a forest, meaning you can't stand alone in achieving greatness in life no matter what you are doing. You sure need the help, support and assistance of people whether physically, mentally, financially, socially and even sometimes spiritually.

Its true we might be talented but no matter how so talented we might be, people are needed to build you up and besides its still people you will showcase that talent you say you have too. Let's learn to be accomodating and be open to help and support from others.

Note that your talent might make you win games, but support, care, assistance, teamwork and intelligence of both you and your team can win championships. Have a great day.

I remain @Oredebby

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