Today's story, I want to meet a friend from work place first

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Surely we all know that getting together is something that is liked by many people, from elementary school children to gentlemen in the office. Gathering is indeed fun, especially gathering with family, schoolmates, friends or even with old friends who have never met.


Hello steemit friends around the world, how are you all, I hope you are fine. Today I will tell you about my activities, on Monday 23 January 2023, I will be reunited with my former co-workers. This friend is my former co-worker. We used to work in the same place at a private school, because he had gotten a better job or paid more than his previous job, this friend of mine moved to work in that place.

But I'm grateful, today we can sit back, after a long time of not talking openly, on the same day we can talk a lot, tell about past experiences and discuss about the future.

We promised to meet at a cafe in the Geudong area, North Aceh. The place is in the village of Blang Pria, Jalan Medan, Banda Aceh, next to the Geudong gas station. the cafe is one of the cafes that have the most visitors, starting in the morning and at night.The name of the cafe is Hero Platinum

I am grateful to be able to talk a lot with my friend, while we talk while ordering food and drinks at the cafe. I ordered cold pulled tea and aceh noodles, my other friends ordered cold tea and ayam penyet and other menus. But it's not about the food that I want to tell you, but about our association.


After a long time we talked and told stories about his workplace and mine, we also discussed a little about steemit, my friend used to play steemit like me, because no one gave a vote on his post he didn't play anymore because he felt his post not liked by the steemit community around the world and all I can be successful in this steemit like other friends who are successful in steemit. while drinking he asked me about steemit, he said steemit wanted to be trending again, yes, I replied, somaga just like before.

And after talking a lot, we also want to go home because it's almost night. and tomorrow morning we will have our respective activities as usual, tomorrow we will start working again. because today is a Chinese New Year holiday in our country, that's why we had time to sit like this.


That's all my story today. Don't forget to vote, because Vote friends @steemit all mean to me personally.

  Greetings from me:@mulkan alvaro

Salam buat sahabat saya mahzar...
Apapun itu, dengan aktif dan konsisten terhadap apapun perubahan dalam steemit, kita pasti bisa maju dan mendapatkan dukungan yang baik...
Semangat terus... 💪

 2 months ago (edited)

Insya Allah,saya akan Menyampaikan salam dari anda nanti ketika berjumpa beliau.

Semoga saya mendapatkan dukungan yang baik seperti yang kita harapkan

Aamiin ya Rabbi...

 2 months ago 

Bonding with friends and or families is very fun and enjoyable.

 2 months ago 
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Kebersamaan itu indah,nerinovasi di steemit.dan dapat meningkatkan hasil yang sangat baik..


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