Proposing an Eye Surgery Donation Program for Mukira Azzahrana

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Assalamualaikum Wr.Wb.
A year ago on Friday (August 14, 2020) I met Mukira Azzahrana 6-year-old girl who has visual impairment Keratopatik ODS, she lives in a slum house relics of her grandfather in Jalan Bangdes, Lorong Pelita, Tumpok Teungoh Village, Banda Sakti Subdistrict, Lhokseumawe City.

Through this paper I would like to propose to all parties who are focused on charitable programs in order to help donate eye medical expenses for Mukira so that she can see and learn like other children who are the same age as her.


Screenshot via my YouTube channel

video recording via my YouTube channel

Two days ago I accidentally met Fajriah (Biological Mother) Mukira, the meeting reminded me of Mukira's condition that I wrote a year ago on one of the online news websites AtjehDaily.Id entitled Mukira Azzahrana Blonde Girl Wants to Learn the Qur'an.

Mukira has been visually impaired since she was born, but it is not so severe that it covers all parts of the eye. But the more the day gets worse, the white membrane closes Mukira's eyes.

Mukira's parents were constrained by surgery and outpatient expenses, as her father worked every day as a rickshaw driver, and her mother did not work.

At the age of 15 months Mukira was referred for eye treatment to Zainal Abidin Regional General Hospital (RSUDZA) aceh province.

However, at that time the ophthalmologist at RSUDZA suggested that Mukira be referred again to one of the hospitals in bandung for exfoliation surgery that had covered the cornea of the eye. But if the move is not successfully done one of the alternatives is to have to replace the eyeball, the cost of one eyeball is around 50 Million Rupiah.

I have made communication and coordination efforts with the government about the Mukira issue, according to a statement from Mr. Fazal as the Head of Banda Sakti District Health Center that the Lhokseumawe City government through the Health Office is ready to provide a referral for Mukira eye treatment to one of the hospitals in Bandung.

But the referral can only bear Mukira and one of her parents. This is what makes both parents lock up the intention to go to the city of Bandung to treat mukira eyes.

Fajriah explained the reason, "It is impossible if only one of us goes, we villagers never go to bandung, everything will be confused until there if between us go alone there."

"Not to mention we don't have a penny to buy all the necessities, to eat everyday at home we are difficult," he said.

Until now, Fajriah still believes his son can recover and look like a normal human in general if one day successfully carried out surgery.

Therefore, through this article I intend to invite all parties who focus on charitable activities to find solutions in order to help Mukira eye treatment

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Sungguh menyedihkan kondisinya, seusianya seharusnya dapat bermain dan mengenyam pendidikan dengan baik. Mungkin kita bisa membantu biaya pendampingan untuk rujuk ke Bandung agar kedua orangtuanya dapat ikut serta.

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Allhamdulillah, hopefully the hope can really be realized for Mukira's recovery, really the condition is very sad, if we visit to see in person will definitely shed tears.

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Terimakasih atas dukungan anda @jasonmunapasee, salam kenal dan sukses selalu


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