Clarification and apologize from Steemthai

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Dear Mr. Anroja

⭐ I @pichat and @konkamkwan as the founders of steemthai, we feel sorry for the fact that it was inappropriate to copy posts from other thaiteam platforms to the Steemsea community on Steemit platform. Originally, the Thai community used to have a thaiteam supervised by Mrs. Tookta, but after the separation of the Thai community move on hive. When I come back, we 3 man want to begin on steemit again and Thai community in Steemit and then began to build the Thai community according to the instructions. And helping from Mr. Aanjaro and Mr. Nazarul, causing Steemthai today and apologize for what happened on behalf of the Thai community. And now we have explained to Mrs. Tookta about this

⭐ The thaiteam account has only one moderator by Mrs. Tookta, we steemthai are not affiliated in any way. We have discussed many times in steemthai about this kind of post and have sent it to Mr. Nazarul to coordinate with you. But during that time you might be busy and not checking thaiteam account users so keep posting like this. To demonstrate sincerity in the suitability and responsibility of the Steemit and Steemsea community, I have sent the last post of thaiteam to Mr. Nazarul again. So you can see what happened. I would like to clarify that steemthai and I do not all have bad intentions and are committed to increasing the number of Steemit users in Thailand, although we are currently facing major obstacles as a result of the covid-19 situation. Went to promosteem as expected. We welcome your advice regarding the use of the Steemit platform in respect of the appearance of my account posted. If it's inappropriate with not knowing what one is doing, I won't do it again. We steemthai hope you guys understand and forgive about what happened. along with cooperation and support as well as ever


Best regards

 10 months ago 

Terima kasih @linlada639 dan kawan-kawan Thai lainnya, saya sangat menyambut inisiatif Anda dalam melaporkan hal-hal duplikasi konten seperti di atas. Kemarin setelah menerima pemberitahuan dari @nazarul saya segera memberikan komentar di postingan thaiteam dan pihak tim Steemit (steemcurator01) telah menanggapi dengan baik dan menarik kembali voting yang telah mereka berikan.

Terima kasih atas kerjasamanya selama ini.

ขอบคุณการตรวจสอบ และเข้าใจเจตนารมณ์ที่ดีของพวกเรา Steemians Thai นะคะ พวกเราจะมุ่งมั่นทำต่อไป เเม้ขณะพวกเราจะเจอความท้าทายมากมาย แต่พวกเราชุมชนไทยก็จะเดินต่อไป 🚀

 10 months ago 

Terima kasih, kerja keras Anda akan selalu kami apresiasi.
Salam hangat dari kami.

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