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What's up Steemians?

It's another day, another blog. I hope all is well with you everyone. Since it's almost summer now here in the Philippines, I am bringing you to one of the best beach resorts that I've tried in the Northern part of Cebu. For today's episode, we are going to Yurag Beach resort in Kawit, Medellin Cebu, Philippines.

Northern Cebu is known for having many beach resorts with crystal clear water, white sand beaches, and water sports and activities. Yurag is located in the municipality of Medellin which was formerly part of DaanBantayan (another Municipality that is also very famous among travellers) and now has become its own Municipality with three Barangays namely Kawit and Buenavista and Tindog. Yurag beach resort is situated in Barangay Kawit which is a small area in Northern Cebu with almost 8,000 population.

Since we wanted to go camping by the beach, we decided to stay here in Yurag as it's one of the biggest resorts in Kawit with a spacious camping area. There are a few ways to get there. If you are travelling from Cebu proper, you can ride a bus, taxi, van for hire or a motorbike. Since we were on a budget, we took the bus right at the North Bus Terminal.

The North Bus terminal is located at the SM City Cebu. From there, you need to look for the bus with the sign Daan Bantayan via Kawit. The fare ranges from 250-280 pesos for non or air conditioned. It was actually our first time to visit the resort and we thought that we'll have a hard time looking for it but we were wrong. Yurag is just along the road going to Kawit beach so you can advise the bus driver to drop you off right at the resort. It took us 5 hours to arrive but if you are riding a private vehicle it will only take you 3 hours considering it's not traffic.

We departed from the bus terminal around almost 2 PM and arrived at the resort at 7 PM. They have an entrance fee of 150.00 pesos and you can already stay overnight. They offer different types of accommodation such as rooms, cottages and tents but if you bring your own tent you only have to pay 300 pesos as their tents range from 600 to 2000 pesos depending on the tent sizes.

Since we brought our own tents, we only had to pay the entrance fee of 150.00 and the 300 pesos for the tent stay. They also have amenities such as parking area, mini store, grilling area, restaurant, beach beds and chairs for free, comfort rooms and for rent floating devices and snorkels.
They don't have a corkage fee, so you can actually bring and cook food from outside. We grilled fish for dinner and had some alcohol overnight. The place is really beautiful with amazingly accommodating staff. They are very generous to put a lot of charging outlets even by the beach beds to make sure that the guests are conveniently comfortable.

If you are looking forward to the sunrise, it's not a good place as it's in the opposite direction but the sunset view is amazing, unfortunately we were late to witness it. The next day, we went to the nearest market to eat breakfast. If you are on a budget and want to save some money, it's better to look for nearby eateries.

We were supposed to go back to the city at an earlier time in the morning but I decided to stay until 10 AM since I didn't have a chance to enjoy the day as we arrived at night. It was the best decision as it was Monday morning which means that it was a working day so people left early and happened to have the place all to ourselves. Aside from all that, I am more than satisfied as the network signal in the place is very strong so I was able to use the internet smoothly unlike in Southern Cebu which you can barely use it.

Then, you don't have to worry about the ride back home since the resort is only pretty close to the bus terminal. You can either wait for the bus outside the resort or take a short ride to the terminal. In our case we just waited at the resort and just after a few minutes a bus going back to the city came.

I am satisfied with my overall experience though there are more affordable resorts in the area and to some it maybe expensive but for me it was just reasonable. I would definitely go back there on one of my restdays in the future.

That's basically it, I hope you liked this episode and I hope to interact with you in the comment section below. Everyone's glad to hear the stories of yours! Just always remember that learning is a lifetime process. You can learn from your experiences, trips, and other people. The world is so vast. Explore and Learn! Traveling isn't as expensive as you think! There's so-called traveling in a frugal way with a purpose!



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