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Good day my Fellow Steemians!


Greetings to all! May you all have a nice day. Take care and live a happy life. Morning of April 27th, it was a Saturday when I woke up from my alarm, still feeling sleepy and kind of cold from our aircon that is still on. I got up, went down on my bunk bed and switch the air-conditioned to fan mode till my brother turn it off since he is also had his alarm same as mine.

I went on and started preparing for my lunch food to pack as I am going to the review school center in Manila. I cooked myself egg rolls and two jumbo chicken hotdog. I clean up my mini lunch box to place the food that I cooked. I rest it on a plate first before transferring it to the container. Also packed myself a spoon and fork.


I then took a bath after preparing my pack lunch. Prepared and wore my make up on. Took off and took out my big wooden fan since it sure is hot. When I arrived at the gate where I ride a tricycle noticing that there are no riders so I asked the guards and told me there will be no ride since the roads are closed. I did not know what to do so I waited as people were waiting at the corner as well. I was loosing hope when I finally thought about my brother and thank God he has his mobile data on and so I was able to make a call and contacted him via Facebook messenger. I knew he was still sleeping and gladly he answered my call. It was already 7:30 and thinking I am already going to be late. I asked him for a favor to give me a ride to the station since the road are closed for the vehicles.
When I took off, it was so hot


He arrived just before the parade was about to block the drive way that we are going to go. My brother drove me to a different way since the other side won't be possible to pass so I have no other choice but to ride an expensive ride to school. As I arrived there, fortunately there is already a van and so I got in but unfortunately this van did not took off the moment I got in but it took off after an hour passed. It waited for passengers to fill the van. I got mad and pissed off and told everything about my shitty day with my best friend who is already on her way to school. She calmed me down as some passengers were also getting mad.

I arrived in Manila around 9:10 and I am already late. I went on and ride another jeepney and dropped off at bus stop. I got in 15 minutes late and the lecture was already starting. I sat beside my bestie and I was embarrassed since I was sitting 4 rows just right infront.



Then my friend told me that our class will be only half day and I was thinking about the lunch that I packed. I even have the effort on preparing it but then I guess I won't be able to eat it here. Class was dismissed earlier that expected. Since it was still early, me and my friend decided to go to the mall just beside the school.

As we step foot inside the mall, we looked for a place to stay were there is a cold and nice place to eat our lunch as I was already feeling hungry. We roam around and went in and out some cafe and finally were able to find a milk tea stand. We sat on a comfy sofa and ordered us some milk tea drinks. ChaTime was the name of the milktea house we had dined in. Remembering this was the first ever milktea in the Philippines that I have tried in the past with my cousin.

Looking for some place to have our lunch, we came across with a new stall in the mall offering some funkoPops and other collectibles. We looked around.

Having our lunch and I ordered myself a Wintermelon Moose and it was a very good choice.

Some of our classmates walked passed us and greeted us as me and my bestie were talking about somethings. I was not able to recognize them so I just looked away. We only stayed for a couple of hour and decided to go home.

Arriving home, which was 4 in the afternoon, a very hot time to walk around. I went upstairs to rest and went to take a nap. When I woke up, my brother had prepare us dinner and I got mad a little as he cooked the half kilo of ground pork alone with our vegetable as extenders. So I took out some vegetables and recooked it together with it.


I had dinner then since my brother had done with his. Then knowing that he was cooking a sisig dish but honestly it did not taste like it. So I can't tell. And decided to just mixed some veggies with it. He did not even say anything about it or went against it so I just went on and did my thing.

I enjoyed my dinner by the way. It tastes to good and good thing I added some veggies on it. Then I rested before going to bed. My parents will be coming come home tonight but since they will be arriving later I did not wait for them since I have an early class still tomorrow.

That was it for now, Hope everyone are in good health. And may we all be blessed more and more and may our world find peace and stop all war. May we all stay healthy and live a normal longer life again little by little.
Thank you and God bless us all. Thank you to this awesome human beings for making steemit worthwhile.


Let's keep Steemit and Steem SEA grow.


#steemsea #steemit



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