The Diary Game 💮 08 May 2024 💮 Better Life || 😃 Better day for Studying with Delicious meals and a Lovely Movie to relax📝💻

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Good day my Fellow Steemians!


Greetings to all my friends. How have you been? May we all have a safe and blessed day ahead of us. Take care always. To begin with my diary, a blessed morning began and I got up at 8 in the morning, I hurried downstairs and started to make our breakfast/lunch. I cooked what comes to mind so these are all the dishes I prepared. I boiled first the chicken franks cheesedog in a pan and added some oil as it was about to dry up the water. After that, I fry the dried fish called "Danggit" and Daing "Bisugo". To finish it off, I made vinegar with cucumber, onion and tomatoes for the danggit. Mixed it with sugar and salt.


I also sliced cucumber as side dish. We had our lunch together and Danggit was not what I expected as it does not smells good but it tastes really good. Super good I may say. Never judge the smell of the food and taste it first as long as it isn't spoiled.

After meal, I continued with my study and went on and read through it from front and back. I encoded on my laptop the question and answer I have taken a photo last review in school thay was showned to us and allowed us to take photos since mostly likely of the question will appear on our quiz this coming Friday.


After reviewing for hours, I rested for a bit and then prepared for our dinner. I prepared us some corned beef and served the dried fish from breakfast. I also cooked myself scrambled egg and served it hot on my plate as we began to eat and prayed for God's blessing. A simple yet lovely dinner we had for tonight. I tidy things up before going on upstairs to continue to study.


I was in the middle of finishing the question and answer notes that I am typing on my laptop and played some music while I was doing it as well so I won't get bored. Studying the question and rationalizing it one by one which serves as review as well. Finishing and applying the last touch of the notes, I rested my eyes after for about an hour before I watch something which was planned.


I scrolled on my phone and thought if I were to continue with my plan or not. I was then charging my laptop that time. And when I finally decided to watch the movie that was aired the last days ago, I was so eager to watch it as well since I saw some clips on Tiktok that I find so intriguing and interesting. I then checked if my laptop are already in full battery and it was so I began the movie and gosh, it gives butterflies and I am so kilig with the scenes given that the cast of Anne Hathaway is a 40 year old art consultant began to have a love interest/ relationship with a 26 year old guy who was a big member of a boy band. The movie was called The Idea Of You.


My eyes widens as I saw my name as the ex-girlfriend, AGAIN in these movie. This happens twice now. Is my name not for a role of the leading lady. Were the name Hannah only used for a lovable ex-girlfriend? Hahaha. I laugh every time my name pop up in there conversations which led to there fight. It is so funny that I must took a screenshot of it and show it to my friends and brother.
After watching the movie, with satisfactory and wishing of having someone to wait for you even though you're to old for thay person and also a celebrity, left me with an awe.

That was it for now, Hope everyone are in good health. And may we all be blessed more and more and may our world find peace and stop all war. May we all stay healthy and live a normal longer life again little by little.
Thank you and God bless us all. Thank you to this awesome human beings for making steemit worthwhile.


Let's keep Steemit and Steem SEA grow.


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