My Diary Game | 03.28.2021

in Steem SEA3 months ago

Hello Everyone!

Today is quite productive for me because I did my laundry around 9 am to 12 pm. I was so hesitant because I was thinking that maybe I should exercise first before doing my laundry but I realized that doing laundry in the afternoon is much more tiring than doing it in the morning.


But before that, early this day it was around 12 midnight to 1 am I was looking for art materials and face mask (moisturiser) in shopee and lazada. I was both happy and sad vecause finally I can buy a skin care for my poor face and art materials to motivate me at the same time sad because I don't have any money left in my savings. huhu HAHA


I messaged my elder sister @kneelyrac to help me cause I'm broke. hahaha

After doing my laundry, I played mobile legends bang bang and I got my 11th maniac but sad to say I got defeated because of my random teammates who doesn't know how to play tbeir roles and rotate to the map.




This evening, I am going to draw Kuchiki Rukia from the fanous Bleach. I just need to take a half bath first before doing my art work.

So that's it for today. Till next time.

Have a great day!

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