The Diary Game : The Men & A Replica Of The Statue Of Liberty In The Hero City (March 4th, 2024)

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The men were trying to set up the fake flame on a replica of the statue of Liberty in The Hero City carefully under the mizzle

Hi my beloved Steemian ☺️.
How's everything ? May Yaa Mujiib ijabah all of your du'a this year. Wish you lots of luck, my dearest Steemian 🤍😇

All the praise only for Yaa Mujiib to ijabah my du’a for this year. After had a Dawn Prayer, like I use to do, I recited my Holy Qur'an.

Alhamdulillah this morning I was completing the recitation of The Holy Qur'an. I am trying my best to Khatam The Holy Qur'an for this year twice.

After made some special du’a, I fold my ladies gown prayer and taken a bath. I prepared myself to go shopping, I meant by some ingredients for cooking today. Yep, today is my schedule for cooking in our big house.

However I was dying for sauteed chinese ochro mix bean sprouts. Just simply ingredients for cooking it such as minced garlics, slice shallots, chopped chilies & cayenne papers plus tomato, crush ginger then fresh lime leaves. I cooked tilapia chili sauce also on Monday morning.


Alhamdulillah done cooking sauteed chinese ochro mix bean sprouts on Monday morning


My cutie pupil with her cutest smile

After took a nap, I got up and taken a bath again. I took wudhu’ or ablution and had a Afternoon Prayer. I got lunch & prepared myself, my journal and warm up motorcycle. I had schedule to teach my lovely pupil in Magetan today. She is one of my cutest pupils in my private class. She does love singing and dancing every single time when we study together. So that’s why I gave her some of songs to memorize some of daily vocabs when I was teaching her. I asked her to play & sing a song some of daily vocabs in the park, too.

Finished Dusk Prayer, I took my Holy Qur'an and recited Surah Al-Baqarah in Juz 1 till Evening Prayer. I take a bath again and get dressed. I watched some of English vidoes to improve my English skills in the pouring.

A part of pluviophile soul called me. All I wanna do just spend my time alone. I am in seventh heaven of that atmosphere. I choose the quiet bench in the corner of the city.

I enjoy my healthy drinks, a mini bottle of Y.O.U. C1000 Vitamin Lemon & some of mangosteens which one I bought yesterday.


Enjoy the city under the drizzle

Lucky me when I was enjoying my qtime, I found a unique view & it touches me. There are some of a hard worker use the fire engines and they were trying to climb the duplicate statue of Monalisa in The Hero City under the drizzle & cold weather.

The men were trying to set up fake flame on a replica of the statue of Liberty in The Hero City carefully in the highest position by using some equipments from the fire engines under the light rain. It was so terrible looked at that situation.

Some of pedestrian looked at it, too. I consider they made du’a same as me also to the hard workers which one did one of the most danger job under the drizzling.


The hard workers were trying to set up the fake flame on a replica of the statue of Liberty in The Hero City carefully under the mizzle


Alhamdulillah the men have set up the fake flame on a replica of the statue of Liberty in The Hero City

We switch on our air conditioner. I put a litte hand & body lotion on my body, put a little serum & moisture gel on my face.

I wore my hijab and continue recited Surah Al-Baqarah before I hit the sack. I recited TriQul, made a little du’a then hit the hay.

I made a little du’a also hopefully I have a sweet dream to eat Kuah Teucrah made by my mom also in my dream. I am dying for it, indeed. Oyasuminasai fellas...

Warm regards,



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Alhamdulillah, big thank you, Sir
Happy Suhoor 😇

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