The Diary Game : Feeling Blue In The Day Like An Oven (April 16th, 2024)

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On the way back to our house after bringing my sister in law’s daddy to check his condition in the hospital

Hi my beloved Steemian ☺️.
How's everything ? May Yaa Mujiib ijabah all of your du'a this year. Wish you lots of luck, my dearest Steemian 🤍😇

After do the dishes in the morning, I took Nutrijel Milk Pudding Mango which I made yesterday into my fridge. I made a meals prayer & ate it. I drank a glass of hot tea with little sugar while saying hello to Koi fish in our fish pond.

I taken a bath, get dressed furthermore clean our house. I play with my adorable niece whilst accompanying her watching her favorite cartoon on YouTube on our smart television. I ate a little rice with the side dish for my second breakfast.

I visit my second parent to know about his condition, too. Several hours later in the noon, my brother & sister in law went to the hospital.

We were feeling blue in that day due to the fact that our parent, I meant my sister in law’s daddy is feeling under the water.

On the way to hospital to brought my sister in law’s daddy to check his condition

He was fell yesterday night and all of a sudden couldn’t say anything & do some movements. It looks like a half stroke. So that’s why we in hurry went to the hospital by our car in that noon.

Almost two hours more we spent our time in the hospital to fix everything such as payment, meet the doctor and nurse, check our parent condition, went to The Radiology Room and so on.

We made a lot of du’a whilst looked after our parent. Yeah, my sister in law’s daddy is a warm-hearted person. A lot of people visited him from yesterday till last morning.


Waiting for our parent to check her disease in The Radiology Room


We made a lot of du’a for our parent in the hospital

Approximately two hours more later we back to our house in the day like an oven due to the fact that some of our family already arrived at the hospital and will change the shift to looked after our parent.

Yeah, unfortunately we have to back earlier to our inasmuch as my sister in law must prepared a lot of things for her daddy to stay in the hospital for a few days.

Meanwhile I should be back also owing to the fact that I have to prepared my belongings inasmuch as I had to back to Madiun City, East Java tonight. Yeah, I already order the ticket of train from two days ago coz my holiday was finished.


On the way back to our house in the day like an oven


The way I see Semarang City, Central Java is one of adorable cities in Indonesia

Ba’da Pray Maghrib, my sibling, my sister in law and my lovely niece took me up to the train station.

Jazz, unfortunatelly I should be back coz I have to continue to work tomorrow noon. No doubt, I hate the moments a second before leaving my family in the train station.

My brother brought me a bottle of fresh drink. I hug my favorite human, my sister in law tightly, kiss her and her daughter a.k.a. my lovely niece and shake hands to my brother.

They asked me to come back again when I have holiday from my company. Teardrops. I had a lot of unforgettable moments during in Lumpia City, Semarang.


It was a sorrowful moments when my family was taking me up to the train station, Semarang Tawang, Bank Jateng, Central Java


The quiet train station with the loud feelings

I had to spend my time about four hours on the train. So that’s why to kill the time, I switch on my laptop then started typing to make some posts in some of communities in Steemit on the train whilst breathtaking during the long trip.

Alhamdulillah I finished make two posts during the trip on the train. I chat my family also to let them know that everything was under the control on the train. However my body was exhausted inasmuch as too much had a seat.

I got up and did a little sports in the special area near the toilet. No bodies there & that's what I need. Yeah, according to my way of thinking I need to stand up.

Alhamdulillah I enjoy my trip from Semarang City, Central Java to Madiun City, East Java in that cold night.

Typing on my laptop & did a little sports on the train during the trip from Semarang City, Central Java to Madiun City, East Java

Alhamdulillah I arrived safely at the midnight in Madiun City, East Java. My best friend already order GoCar for me. I changed my dress and clean my face. I ate some skewers Chicken Sate Ponorogo which one my lovely friend a.k.a. my boss bought for me last time.

We switch on our air conditioner. I put a litte hand & body lotion on my body, put a little serum & moisture gel on my face, wore my socks, recited TriQul, made a little du’a then hight my bolster tightly. I miss my pillow so bad.

Warm regards,



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Foto-foto nya sangat indah ya kak😁

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Iya betul sekali Dek, ahaha

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