The Diary Game : Cooking Then Shopping In The Cold Evening (March 30th, 2024)

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After shopping with my friend at Aliya Boutique Ho at Pahlawan Street No. 51, Kartoharjo, Madiun City, East Java

Hi my beloved Steemian ☺️.
How's everything ? May Yaa Mujiib ijabah all of your du'a this year. Wish you lots of luck, my dearest Steemian 🤍😇

I woke up rather late this morning. Jazz, I stay up last night. My bad. I drank a bottle of lemon infused water then relieve myself.

I took my white & lilac towel in the clothesline area in the upstairs then fight with my lovely enemy, water and dipper in the bathroom.

After got breakfast, I drank my medicines. I didn’t have a good appetite this week. After made my bed, I switch on my laptop then started typing to make some posts in some of communities in Steemit.


Alhamdulillah finished my laundry in the day like an oven

Several hours later I soaked my laundry therefore washed it in the washing area in the upstairs. Yep, I had a bunch of laundry these days. I just wash soft colours plus full colours laundry this noon. All the praise only for Yaa Malik, the weather today extremely good for my laundry. My friend also washed her laundry in that day. However I was exhausted inasmuch as my condition not feeling a hundred percent yet.


Eating some slices of Crystal Guava after washing my laundry in the boiled weather

Finished washed my laundry, I ate some slices of Crystal Guava which one I bought last night with my lovely friends in Samudera Swalayan - Madiun at Pahlawan Centre Street, Pangongangan, Madiun City, East Java. The taste of that fruit quite sweet. Alhamdulillah my throat felt fresh after ate it. I drank a bottle of lemon infused water, too. I play my mobile phone whilst laying down on my bed till, ”ZzzzzZzzZzz”. I took a nap. Yeah, I need to took a rest after washing my laundry about two hours more last time.

Approximately 5 pm I got up and powder my nose. I washed my face then dried it with facial tissue.

I warm up my motorbike subsequently went to the small shop near Bunderan at Taman Praja Street, Pandean, Madiun City, East Java to bought some ingredients there.

I was dying for pete mix sunny side-up with green chili sauce from several days ago. Well, today I had planning to cook it. I cooked sauteed tofu mix green mustard also from a few days ago.

Approximately an hours and a half later I finished my cooking. Yep, I try to cooked savory foods due to the fact that I knew that my friend was Fasting also today. Alhamdulillah my appetite rather back at the dusk.


Cooking sauteed tofu mix green mustard for one of menu for our Iftar today


I was dying for pete mix sunny side-up with green chili sauce from several days ago

I taken a bath to clean my body inasmuch as I am getting period moreover after cooking my body pretty had a bullets of sweat. After had a little chit-chat with my friend who just back from Tarawih Prayer

I asked my friend to accompany me to looking for an adorable dress for The Eid Fitr later. In my humble opinion I should buy a good party dress owing to the fact that I seldom bought a pretty party dress this year.

We rode our motorcycle then went to Aliya Boutique Ho at Pahlawan Street No. 51, Kartoharjo, Madiun City, East Java. Yep, finally I found a beautiful gown in that boutique. Rather crowded in that store at that time.


After shopping at Aliya Boutique Ho at Pahlawan Street No. 51, Kartoharjo, Madiun City, East Java

At 10 pm, I and my cutie friend back to our house with the highest speed by our motorbike. No wonder, it was a cold weather. Alhamdulillah about ten minutes later we arrived safely to our house.

Finished make some posts for Steemit, I was quite hungry. I took tasteless grass jelly therefore pour a little melon syrup on it to gave a little taste. I ate it and drank my lemon infused water, too.


Enjoying tasteless grass jelly mix a little melon syrup after typing on my laptop


Check my journal plus monthy report then typing on my laptop while listening some old song in my study room

After check my journal and typing on my laptop to make some posts in some of communities in Steemit, I listening some old songs. I did a little excercises also in that freezing evening. My family was calling me by Whatsapp video call at that time, too. We switch on our air conditioner. I put a litte hand & body lotion on my body, put a little serum & moisture gel on my face, wore my socks, recited TriQul, made a little du’a then off to the bed. The doctor said that I should sleep earlier, indeed. I try my best this Holy Month. Happy Suhoor, fellas...

Warm regards,



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Alhamdulillah, thank you a billion my brother
Happy Suhoor

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Alhamdulillah, thank you so much, my friend 🥰
Have a blessed night 🌉

 2 months ago 

Masakannya terlihat sangat lezat ya kak, jadi pengen cepat2 makan sahur nih 😁

 2 months ago 

Alhamdulillah iya Dek, ahaha
Semoga Sahurnya berkah & tahan lama yak Dek
Happy Suhoor

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