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RE: Un domingo para ser niños otra vez

in Club12last year

Sorry we missed the votes on your last Diary Game posts.

Here is an extra upvote to cover those.

Hope to see in Season 2 of The Diary Game when it starts on August 1st.

The Steemit Team


Of course yes, I love the challenge, I have even made a post about how healing it can be to write a newspaper, with @club12 team, thanks really, I saw that they overflowed with participants, that's wonderful. Thank you very much. That is a real giant support.

Por supuesto que si, me encanta el reto, hasta he realizado post sobre lo curativo que puede llegar a ser escribir un diario, con equipo de @club12, gracias de verdad, vi que se desbordaron de participantes, eso es maravilloso. Gracias de verdad. Eso es un apoyo gigante de verdad.

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