Farewell NextColony - You Played Well 😎 😇 😎

in INVEN Gaming • 2 years ago

I just checked out the game and it is still playable. I don't know what the future would hold. All the data related to the game is still immutable on the STEEM blockchain for anyone to see. @r1s2g3 mentioned about all the bots in the game. That could be a major problem to the economy of the game. @nextcolony often got out shadowed by @steemmonsters and few other games that had a more quick appeal (that withered away much faster)

The game had many other tools like https://nc-client.jarunik.com SpyColony, NextValium GUI and a few more. Some of these even made it to @steemhunt One thing I loved about the game was the slow gameplay that wasn't a focus of other blockchain games. In one way I think the bots had it easier because of this.

You Can Still Try The Game


Going Out With A Bang - 42,800 STEEM

  • The final season gave away 42,800 STEEM for the top 49
  • I finally manged to get myself a Yamato but only reached rank 68
  • The game gas previously distributed 27,200 STEEM
  • That's a grand total of 70,000 STEEM

These are all excellent metrics to look at. Another thing I noticed was that despite not even getting much attention and not having any proper marketing. I even Hunted what was basically a NextColony clone on Ethereum. The game accomplished more than what many of us even realized. I think I'd write an article on that too.

For All The Good Times; Thank You & Farewell!


heh it wase intresting...

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