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RE: Building Runes, Boosting My Planet, Promoting #NextColony Gaming !

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Thank you for this awesome post about @nextcolony @oppongk.
It is great to see a post about this great STEEM blockchain based game.
I must admit I play it for awhile and then stop again. The game is good I just have a lot on my plate and struggle for time.
I went through the stage of being hit and finding it hard to build. You just have to push on and make sure to use your shield. After awhile the attacks stop and you will be building faster then ever.
The game changer for me was buying an Explorer 2 ship. I had been unable to find a second planet. By this time all the unexplored space was far away from me. A friend offered to loan me a planet he had just found and I used this combined with my newly purchased explorer 2 to find new planets. I was so surprised at how much difference it made . I found several planets in no time and was able to give my friend back his planet.
I wish you all the best on your search for a holy rune. I hope one day soon you will be posting about your success.
Have an awesome day!


Thanks very much my friend, lovely game we have with @nexcolony, if we make a conscious effort. Thanks for stopping by.....

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