Splinterlands 34 - Snipe Battles for 15 Decs

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Greetings friends, here again I bring you something that I wanted to bring for a long time, as is the splinterlands game, since for some time it had caught my attention, but I had not been able to try it and I wanted to immerse myself fully so I had to buy a wizard book and so I could live the full experience of the game, from ranking to earn DEC crystals.

I can say in general that this game reminds me a bit of Yugi-Oh. Splinterlads has the feature that is somewhat similar to this game, only that some features change, as in Yugi-Oh, there are monsters with different characteristics, from classes, categories and levels, to know a little more about this I leave here a post where they teach all of it.

In the account of this user and many others out there we can find various information about this game and the community in general, I say this because, although the game may seem very simple has a universe behind it is why you have to know what to do to perform well.

The game has many features, among which we have Clash Royale or Clash of Clans style, a daily chest or daily mission in which, by completing a certain number of battles, under certain rules or rules you can win and thus continue in the goal of the daily chest.

Now, when you complete a certain number of battles, comes the good part, the chest, since this chest contains rewards that depending on your level, ranking and league, you may or may not have greater gains ranging from some DEC, through potions to cards.

It should be noted that in the game there are two types of battles, those that are and those that are not, known as qualifying battles, the former, the practice battles and the battles against a friend, the latter, which allow you to play at different levels, since in the practice battles you can try different decks and strategies without sacrificing your score in the ranking, while the battles against friends will always be fun and the most entertaining and hard-fought are the qualifying battles.

In this installment of the game I comment that to achieve the goal I had to use a certain number of battles at least not many as on other occasions has happened to me, until I managed to complete the daily chest, this time I had to lose at the beginning as usual, win a couple and lose others and so the cycle almost to completion, it is interesting how complex and how entertaining these battles are, I invite you to join these battles and be distracted in a great way.

Here I leave you the capture of the story:

This time it didn't cost me so much to get the chest, since the challenge was to use monsters with the "Snipe" class, and it took me a few battles to reach the goal. As for what the chest offered me, it granted me about 15Decs for reward, it's worth noting that it's my first reward card and my first card of my own, but more chests are coming soon and the grand opening of 5 end of season chests that just started.

Chest Challenge:


I hope you liked this post, it's kind of short and unusual, if you have any advice, any recommendations or if you know any clan that I can enter it would be a great help, thanks for reading up to this part see you in a next installment, see you soon.

If you want to register in this game, you can consider to do it from my link

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