Qurator's Monday Missions | Winners!

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Monday Missions clocking out...for now...

We want to take a minute and give a massive thank you to all those who took part in the Monday Missions competitions and we really enjoyed browsing all the entries each week. With that being said, Monday Missions will no longer continue here on Steem. We will be moving to Hive and will start a new series of Monday Missions there next Monday. Thanks for understanding and hope to see you over in Hive next week with some cool entries!


@belkisa758 - Qurator's Monday Missions | LOCKDOWN! | by @belkisa758

@claudio83 - Monday Missions entry: Lockdown

@lizelle - Monday Missions entry - A whole new World in Lockdown


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Congrats @lizelle @claudio83 and @belkisa758 for winning a Monday Mission. You can find your QT's in your Steem Engine wallet. Enjoy the tokens!

Thank you 🙏

Thank you for this great initiative that has kept us working and attentive during these days of great uncertainty. See you soon @qurator

It was fun! And after a short break we will continue in the new place :)
See you soon!

Hello @qurador @blacklux pleasant surprise, thanks for the support, we will continue to see each other. Greetings.

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