Morning mumblings... Some realizations during this pandemic.

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I don't know what day it is of the quarantine. I just stopped counting because it makes me feel anxious, it feels like this is the longest time of my life! A 15 mins walk feels like 10 hours! Haha Do you feel the same way?


This morning, I made some phone calls to my family and close relatives in the province. I don't get to see them often because I live in a different island and it takes a whole day of traveling to get to my hometown.

Some small things I realized during this pandemic but big enough to not to overlooked. Living in a 60 square feet condo with a complete amenities is somewhat a privilege but, yet some days I complained how very little space I have.

That doesn't mean, I am not grateful, I am very much! Though I am fully satisfied where I am right now because I now there is room for improvements. I am obsessed about having a good future for my own family and the future generation.

My family stays in a small home with my mom, my sister, three young boys and our niece who is visits a lot with her mom. Living in about 40 square feet place and not to mention the space that the furnitures are taking up. It's congestive, and they can really get into their skins.


Only my mom is allowed to go the market, though my little siblings can go out, there's not a lot of space for them to place outside. They used to go to the basketball court to play basketball during non school hours and weekends. Now, they spend most of their time at home, watching TV or playing video games online whenever they buy credits for their prepaid wifi.

So many times when I call home, I hear my little siblings screaming on the background, like they're fighting or they're just having normal conversations? They all complain to me how they want there own space to do their own thing. I thought I don't know how I would be able to stay at home peacefully during this quarantine?

Don't get me wrong, I love my family and am sure a lot of Filipinos can relate to this who live in a small place that have a big household, it can be chaotic...but what to do with this?

We used to have a good size home enough my little siblings to run around but that was before the typhoon Haiyan and back when things were still in good terms with both my parents. The worst thing is, they're both not good at money, my mom never ran out of debt and nothing has changed even after they separated,but what to do with this?

Another thing I realized, I was complaining about this strict lockdown because staying at home is making me insane instead of understanding the reason why this was implemented.

On the other hand, there are these people who risks their lives to serve amid this pandemic. One of them is my sister.


My sister works in Dubai as a nurse. Last time I spoke with her through a video call, which is very hard to make because Skype, viber, Facebook msgr is blocked in this country? Can you imagine that?

Also, they're not allowed to disclose details of the situation at their hospital because all data are recorded. I don't want her to get into trouble so I just stopped asking about this stuff.

Every time I think about her, I can't help but worry and I would tell myself, you know what, I think this lockdown is one of the best step to protect those out in the society to function.

So, I guess am not going to ask to lift the lockdown when the world out there still isn't safe just because I because I can't wait to go to the beach! 😁


Alright, that's all the morning mumblings I wanted to share. I hope I didn't bored your morning with this because that won't be a nice thing to do, right?

I'd like to know what are your thoughts today. Thanks for dropping!



Same feeling are every where. We need to get use to these days. The lock down may end soon, but if not we must prepare our self to be strong.

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It's good that you stopped counting the days. Just get them in one by one and don't look at the big picture for now. One thing you should remember is that this will pass and you will get through it. :) <3

Hi 🤚🏾 my friend stay safe 🤝 !trdo

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I think your sister is a front line soldier in this pandemic epic war against covid-19, a little family introduce by you, hopefully you are safe and happy with them.

My thoughts are, I have had enough already. When I was told, we are not ready for the surge, we need 2 weeks to flatten the curve so we can get ready. I was totally onboard with that. then in 2 weeks, I was told, well we need another 2 weeks. I was disappointed, but was like, oh well, that is the way it is. Then I started hearing that it would be until the end of April, then I started hearing the end of May. I just heard Oktoberfest has been cancelled. WTF, October, are you friggin' kidding me. This is out of hand and people need to start standing up to these idiotic incompetent power hungry politicians. If our Societies and Freedom are not worth fighting and dying for. Why do Nations have Armies?

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