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greatly done my dear ! ^_^ Does these 6 things have to be in a one post like you did, or can it be 2, 3 or 6 separate ones..? I have not find the explanation on the Qurator post..

Yes, Barbara. All the pics have to be in 1 post. 😀

Thanks for the answer dear ! ^_^ 😚

Pumpkins and Park! I was going thinking of pickup that myself. and also postcards, pinot noire, paper, pink pareo and smoking pipe, as well. (have no pictures of Paris -- that would be top A+++ grade ! ))))
let me share some !BEER and !DERANGED !MARLIANS with you

Thanks luv! This was a fun contest! Great P words. ❤️

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I don't have an answer to that, but suspect they would all need to be in one post. @momzillanc or @blacklux could probably answer that for you.

Thanks for tagging me, I already responded her. Yes, all pics have to be in one post 😊

You are on top of things! Thanks!

Wonderful P photos Melinda. : )

Thanks, luv! ❤️ Hope all is well with you!

I am hanging in there. I have been going through some medical problems and just taking one day at a time. Hope you are doing well, my friend.

I hope that all gets resolved and that you are 100% along with the arrival of Spring! It will be time to go insect hunting soon

Thanks for your concern Melinda but I think it will take quite some time to get resolved. But I will get out when I am able.

I'm sorry, and completely understand. Hugs for you. ❤️

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!trdo photo Melinda 🐷

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Thanks so much!

Good pictures! I love the picture of Park- Grant Park in Chicago 💐

Grant Park is so beautiful!

Yes dear! 💖💐

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