Dreams of heaven

in Quratorlast month

Human has always dreamed of the sky, wanted to fly like a bird. These dreams are reflected in ancient Greek myths (the story of Daedalus and Icarus), in the attempts of numerous nameless inventors who tried to use any means to sky up, which eventually transformed into the two main ways that exist today (although only the latter, of course, has commercial significance) - with the help of balloons (which use gases lighter than air) and with the use of heavier than air vehicles (airplanes and helicopters), which use the lifting force of the wing and propeller blades. History has preserved the names of the Mongolfier brothers and the Wright brothers, who became pioneers in these fields of aeronautics, respectively.

And what are the cherries for, you ask? And before looking at the photos from my flower garden to select a few of them for publication, I noticed that in one of the photos, I caught a jet next to the cherry blossoms. Of course, he was very high in the sky, so in the photo he looks like a white spot with a tail, you won't notice at once.

To be honest, in my life I did not fly too much on a plane, only twice - on vacation, and so mostly traveled by land - by train, bus, car. The worst thing is when the plane takes off and lands, that's when the pressure changes and overload is felt. And when the plane is gaining altitude, the flight is just like being in the cabin of a large bus.

Now, with the almost complete cessation of international flights due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the aviation industry is in a very deep crisis, which I hope it will be able to get out of, as humanity will always seek to return to the skies.

And I want to rise to the sky in a balloon, I have such a dream, I hope someday to make it come true.

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