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My studio has been closed for a few weeks now and I find myself getting a little fidgety being stuck at home unable to work. Luckily I brought home most of my kit, knowing full well I wouldn’t be able to last long without getting creative. Today I set up a makeshift studio in my spare bedroom. I hung a £5 backdrop I bought off eBay, to my wall using masking tape, and set up two strobes with reflector lamps, attached honeycomb diffusers and my newly purchased colour gels.
I’m very limited on space in the spare bedroom and was quite literally working within a 7 square foot area.
With the camera set up on the tripod and remote trigger in hand I set about trying out the different coloured gels to see what combinations I liked best.
I haven’t yet finished working through all of the images I took, but here’s the first two, post processing.



I’m so lucky to still be able to use this creative outlet at home. I plan to use this time in self isolation to really explore and try out new techniques, and create some work that is truly me. After the initial panic of not being able to work and earn an income because of the Coronavirus lockdown, I’m now seeing the silver lining, and enjoying this opportunity to be able to step back from it all, take stock, and begin to make some plans and get creative in my business, and the many ways in which I can earn a living through my photography and vintage styling.

This is also my entry to the Quartor photo Friday competition.

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