The atmosphere where I live in Aceh| Selasa 13 April 2021


Hello Everyone, Steemians Friends !!!

How are you, friends tonight, I hope all friends are always in good health and have a happy day, buddy, on this occasion tonight I will share posts about the atmosphere in the area where I live in Aceh, you can see for yourself how the atmosphere in my area So many people live in the place where I live, buddy



The Weather Where I Live Today Is Very Supportive of The Activities Of The People Who Are Here, Usually In Where I Live It's Always Rainy But Alhamdulillah Today The Weather Is Very Supportive A Little, Alhamdulillah In This First Fasting People Who Are In The Area Where I Live With This Very Happy To Welcome This Holy Month of Ramadan, And Hopefully In This Holy Month Of Ramadan We Can All Do The Fasting Smoothly, And I Alhamdulillah I Can Smooth Fasting Today, And Hopefully I Can Carry Out This Fasting Service With All of Her ,



And this afternoon I went to the Simpang Rangkaya for a while to look for the wind in the afternoon, but when I got there I was surprised how unusual it was that at this intersection there was a traffic jam, usually at this intersection there was never a traffic jam but today is here There was a very long traffic jam and I had to wait long enough to be able to go home again to my own house, because it was almost time to break the fast so I had to hurry home to be able to break the fast together with my family today,


And that is what I can share about the atmosphere where I live and I hope that all of his friends can like him and if there are my words that are wrong I apologize to his friends, and don't forget to follow me on @zubir-steem

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