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Hello everyone,

Hope you all are doing well and staying safe. In this post I am going to give you a new experience of magical world of Harry Potter. I hope this will definitely interesting to the harry potter fans. Most of the children and adult are big fans of the Harry potter movie series. Because of that I decided to write article about Harry Potter studio in London. Actually you can visit the real Hogwarts, Platform 9¾, Diagon Alley and so many things in the film instead of imagining about it.


Harry potter studio was owed to Warner Bros and operated by their studio tour division. The studio is in Leavesden, London. This studio was built by spending more than 200 million pound to get attraction of the fans and separated from the actual film studio. It is call ‘’Warner Bros. Studio Tour London’’. The studio is open in 2012. It has facility for over 6000 visitors per day.

You can step to Hogwarts Great Hall, Dumbledore’s office, Gryffindor boys dormitory, Forbidden Forest, Platform 9 ¾, Diagon Alley, Gringotts Bank, Ollivanders wand shop, the Hogwarts Express steam train and so many places. And you can see the dummies with actual costume like Harry potter ,prof Dumbledore, Prof severus snape, Rubeus Hagrid. And you can see all the wand in the film, Philosophers stone, Golden snitch, Time turner of Hermione, flying car, Goblet of fire and seven horcruxes.

Source-Hogwarts Great Hall

Source-Dumbledore’s office

And also you can visit Weasles house and see how the magical enchantment is working in the house as the first time Harry Potter visit the Weasles house.You can learn how to use wand, ride Hagrid’s motorbike, flying car, ride broom stick, Ride the legendary double decker bus, and also you can get a video like you are riding through London streets in Nimbus 2000using visual effect. And experience beast in Forbidden Forest.
Video of tour in Studio
This will be extraordinary experience for the Harry Potter Fans and hope you also get a chance to visit this Studio. Thank you for read this and special thanks to Vimukkthi Vithanage @besticofinder and @team-srilanka.

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I have experience in universal studio singapore.So I can imagine the feel how wonder in harry potter studio.

Studio Tour London’’. The studio is open in 2012.

it was open 2012. 😯Almost 10 years ago.But today I knew like that studio have.Thanks for sharing this valuable post.😊😊

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Yes I think it will be a really interesting experience for harry potter fans.

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