Bridge Crossing

in Sri Lanka-ශ්‍රී ලංකාlast year

Dear Steemians,

Today I am going to share my experience in bridge crossing.

In the laying of pipes in high diameters such as 800mm dia., 500mm dia. we have to lay the pipes through river. But we cannot excavate a trench across the river and lay the pipe. So what we shall do is to have a bridge crossing arrangement.

That bridge crossing arrangement is just like a via duct which is made of steel. So the pipe will be laid through the duct.

I am sharing the photos taken in the bridge crossing truss placing. This was a big, risky and time consuming job. 3 Nos of mobile cranes which has of 100 tonn capacity have been engaged to the work. Also we have to shutdown the electricity power for whole area because truss erection has to be done under a high tension line. Road has to kept close until the job gets completed. 10 Nos of prime movers were engaged to the job to transport the truss by part by parts.

I am sharing some photos on that day.





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