How You Can Get Sick From Bananas They Strengthen Tips


Your Bones And Strengthen Your Brain You're Just Saying That Mason Doesn't Say A Medium Banana About Four 20mg Kent - Here Wow I Think I love bananas you are sleeping now they all come in the afternoon Need to exercise, do not want to go to the gym or do any yoga regularly Exercise does not mean that you go to the gym but some kind of physical activity like playing on a monkey


like your muscles will sprint it But I do physical work all week and get the only day to relax that you need to be physically active only bad you will get better sleep can you think of a mystical activity that you do Like You like to dance to your tune while its sound resonates well then what are you waiting for to go to the dance floor Tonopah? Chocolate Pizza Macaroni and Cheese Slice Scream Fight,

I like food that is not food that is neutral food and you know that junk food is unhealthy I know I know but why can I find something that Sugod tastes so bad for us it's so beautiful. We need food to provide new prints that are used to make the body and feel why junk food can't do that because junk food doesn't have enough nutrients in it to make you play or You don't have to be strong. If I could have an extra burger to play you would really prefer more time than a burger.

No, I don't want you both to be able to afford it if you walk slowly on junk food and eat more fruit and vegetable which can By the way you are nurturing your body enough so I think I'm a candle I'm still asleep then you fall asleep and you fall asleep and you can get tired if you want me to I'll play basketball for me right now I want to play I promise I'll eat fruit and vegetables in vain It's so much fun playing food How can you be so cool in such a hot climate because it's my friend But it is giving me like gold which contains 92% water which gives me cold watermelon juice. Watermelons are good for the skin with healthy ingredients like vitamins AE and C in essential mineral water and how we want to cool down from sunburns I also want it to be true because soft drinks contain more sugar Which causes tooth decay because I was a source of succinct energy.


Does the Eiffel become so weak even after eating so weak that you can become so stupid because sugar gives us the immune system which can lead to weakened sugar and wasted energy which can lead to joint pain And the amount of sugar can also increase is a very bad thing?

Oh no, Iliwee sweets but I will eat less sugar. Why is it more important than to be careful? What else is bad honey? Honey for breakfast and how to have breakfast.

You don't know what to look for and you don't know what you're getting out of a cup of oatmeal. It has 13 grams of fiber and it has breakfast. Having it can help your brain practically all day but it is not sown. If you get creative with it, if you have some honey from it, you can cut the sliced ​​apple into pieces. You can also add bananas, chopped raisins, or cranberries. You should try it.


It's amazing how much money you spend. This is why the food is stuck in your throat and you mean that both the air behind your throat and the air travel a short distance to the theme tube until the tuft divides into two tubes in which the food happens. The lower abdomen and the trachea below the ears that lead to the lungs sometimes get into food slips which close the windpipe which can block the windpipe. Chewing it is small and has a very soft toss. Health I think even talking while drinking milk when what you do.


Think about Some people never learn to wait even though you may be tempted to indulge in wet rain if you want to enjoy Carrie in the rainwater and wear rain gear that will keep you from getting sick Take a good bath With a little lukewarm water, you avoid the possibility of cold cough and bacteria stay in the spine, so now I can hear the good news in the mattresses if you can only have butterflies After removing the mosquitoes you know that the water rain is stable for mosquitoes that cause malaria and other terrible diseases and season I infection increases so you start to touch them with dirty hands because they are something. Bacterial infections can cause [You go to Machu Picchu, so I don't mind sneezing.

It doesn't make you cough or sneeze because I can sneeze into my elbows. My hands can sneeze because it helps prevent the spread of germs by covering my mouth, but then what happens? What do you think when using the scarf? Apply cough coral and wash your hands later, but if you don't have a tissue, be sure to use your elbow to cover your elbow and then wash your elbow casket later, please remind me that if you're in a crowd, cough to avoid coughing. I will also face it in someone's face when I go to see your picture, are you sneezing again and letting yourself beat [applause] [music] now what did you eat me? I seem to have eaten a lot of healthy food.

You 'really are eating a lot of fiber. Why do I give you the fiber sound like YKUK?


So, the best of your pain. Oh please tell me how to reduce it. A low fiber diet of 15 to 45 grams per day will help you keep going. It's very important to keep the Edge dissociative system on track to be healthy and strong, so what I do to get the right amount of fiber is eat fruits and vegetables. The fiber has a lot of fiber, especially the husk. Stomach ache What do they say Wake up Oh a little more sleepy I slept a little late at night but it happens every night You always sleep late and after that, you don't want to wake up late in bed You want to go wake up Late Amex If you want To behave healthy and smart then you need to go to bed early and wake up quickly when it makes you fall asleep quickly when it is your physique. It physically benefits and helps in the cognitive development of your brain, so work between midnight and midnight and help it develop and improve when you complete your hours of sleep. You wake up early and you're not as grumpy as you used to be.

I think the same before going to bed and getting up early makes a person rich and healthy. I will try to change my habits. The cool thing about Coolitant and I'll help you say how many times moderately. I'll tell you how many times. I told you that you don't sit near the television. You light a candle in your eyes. Oh, Goliki, you've never been watching television from a distance. It hurts my eyes. You will not be blind, but you can certainly press your own eyes. . You're sitting so close You forgot to blink. Did I close the eyes? If I let them rest, I will close them or wash them.


They will put two pieces of cucumber in my eyes and go home to sleep with Bhopali. If you put too much pressure on your eyes on the TV, you may not be able to create your favorite bedtime story, so you may beg for glasses. Music] Nutritional information: two percent 14 percent Package 21 grams What you read You know what kind of tablecloths are in the books that describe what insomnia labels are. They tell you what's in it and make a list of the places they eat, but they want to read about all the foods they can eat well. I want to know what is done inside my body, nutritionists not only talk to you about protein nutrition'

And carbohydrates but also elements like vitamin AC now you have healed badly it is perfectly fine with soft and soft gums because you don't take care of them Sometimes you are really so funny. Bubbly involves more than good oral health care, such as starting to brush your teeth twice a day, not due to dental disease or diabetes.


Also, clean your mouth after it causes dental disease so nothing gets stuck in your brain. And having a regular visit to your dentist is one of the easiest things to do and you will thank him for a lifetime. I think you are doing it yourself. I am strong enough to stop the eggs. When I eat breakfast, it gives me protein, so I realize that eggs give you protein. Everyone knows how you know. I read it all over the ring and you can't read it where I can't. I also have lutein and zeaxanthin, who don't know your vision, thermister. I have omega 3 which helps in early brain development and improves cognitive memory and helps and I'm definitely going to eat more eggs now that I'm going on the circuit You know, I've bitten a bee the same way.

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There has been a lot of bananas in our life, it is very beneficial for our health, we must definitely include them in our food, Bananas have a lot of iron in them.