Floods with the pandemic – A double hazard problem!!!

Hey Steemians!!! Today I’m going to share my experience about the recent flooding along with the pandemic. I’m from Colombo, Sri Lanka. The Kelani River is the largest river in the Colombo city. Three days ago the Kelani River was filled up to a higher level due to the continuous heavy rain.

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It rained for about a week in several areas in all over the Sri Lanka. My house is situated a little far from the river and thankfully we have never faced any sort of flood disaster. But I got some friends, who live near the Kelani River. And they got caught in the 2016 floods as well. As the Sri Lankan government had instructed recently, people living near the river need to evacuate as soon as possible.

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My friend called me and asked for help today. They were so upset because they had to pull their furniture and everything to their upstairs. I went to help them. After that me and my friend got their vehicles and parked them at our house. Because our house is not bothered by floods. In the meantime, the river is slowly flowing towards my friend’s house. This time as they expected their house was flooded.

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At the same time the climate change in our country was getting worse and many houses, paddy fields, main roads and buildings had been flooded around the country. Large number of mudslides and landslides have started to fell down due to the heavy rain and many people had been missing. Lot of houses were damaged and several people were dead.

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Today, me and my friends went out to help the people whose houses were flooded around our area. We distributed dry rations to them as much as we could. They were really happy when they saw us with some goods and that we came to help them.

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I hope that you got some idea about the current situation that our country is facing, and I pray that this pandemic and all other disasters will go away soon and that we can live a better and a healthy lifestyle as we did before.

Thank you and stay safe everyone!


The people of Sri Lanka have been affected by the floods these days

Yes... We should support them as much as much as we can....

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I hope to share more valuable content!!!

Bro you don't have to comment to that one. It's a bot.

 6 months ago 

It is a blessing to the country that those like you are helping in such a catastrophic situation in our country. Keep up the good work. Congratulations!

Thank you for stopping by. Your words means a lot to me. I'm really grateful for your appreciation!!!

 6 months ago 

Corona, Xpress pearl and now flood. Don't know when will these things end.

You have done a noble thing by helping those who in need.😊

Thanks for your appreciation. I value and respect your opinion!!!

 6 months ago 

@areeshana Great. As humans we must help each other when we need help.

Yeah... Helping others is the way we help ourselves!!!

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