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Greetings from @a-lass-wonders!!
Warmly welcome to my blog again. Hope you all are doing well with this extreme prevailing condition. Today I’m here with you to shout out my baby girl; Yohana’s developmental milestones. It will be really delightful facts for you to accept how wonderful this life journey of people.

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Yohana came home when she was just two days. 08-06-2020, The day she was born is like a magical day to me and my lovely husband. She promoted us as mother and father meanwhile completing our family. Her birth weight was 3325g and totally rose white in color. She could not move until she was two months and the only thing she could do was just waving and shaking her hands and legs.

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She lifted her head by herself when she was three months old and before that we supported her to lift her head.

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Thereafter, her attempt was to make a complete turn by herself. She struggled for that nearly one and half months and lastly accomplished her complete rolling over at the age of four and half months.

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Her first hair cut was done on 12th November 2020 by her father. Just believe me, she was really cute with her bald head those days.

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Started solids when she was just completed four months and it was a really good decision taken by me for her. Because in Sri Lanka normally solids will be started when the baby completed six months. But many other countries differ from this point and started solids when the baby completed seventeen weeks. (Nearly four months)

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She could able to sit properly with our help, at the age of six and half months.

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First time she shouted as “ Amma” when she just completed her seventh month.

Yohana endeavored to crawl since seven and half months and luckily reached to that milestone at eight and half months.

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She was capable of changing an object from one hand to other hand at the age of one week just after the seventh month.

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15th of February 2020 was a miraculous day for me and my husband. Smartly she yelled saying “Thaththa”.This happened when she completed her month of eight.

5th of March 2020 was another day I rejoiced most. Yohana was in a deep sleep and suddenly she woke up and sat on the bed by herself.

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She tried to stand with our help at nine months and one week and slowly kept practicing it and lastly could able to stand alone when she was at the age of ten months.

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Now she can go few steps with our help and guidance. We are eagerly waiting for the day she can walk by her own.
Now she is on her eleventh month and still she hasn’t any teeth.

Hope you guys enjoy my article about the milestones of my princess; Yohana.

Count on to meet back from something special. Stay tuned with me.


By @A-Lass-Wonders
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Looks like she is very innocent. In our home we do have a 8 months old baby boy. He is my sister's son and he wants to play every time with me. Now he can sit without any help.

 last month 

I read your article until the end. Your word matching is much appreciated. Talking about your daughter reminded me of our daughter's childhood.

 last month 

Such a pretty princess👑👑👑
I am sure that upcoming time would be the hardest time for you and that would teach you how hard it is to be a mother. I have experienced it from my wife, when my daughter, Oneli passed this ruff time and we could take care of her properly from her dangerous activities.

 last month (edited)

Yoana is really cute with her pretty smile and chubby cheeks❤. Second picture with Yohana in the pink blanket is the cutest. I still have the collection of small frocks, bangles and hair bands which I wore in my childhood days in a box. Just pure happy memories.


 last month 


The feeling of mothers are almost same.I miss my daughter's life event also during reading your post.

First time she shouted as “ Amma” when she just completed her seventh month.

I hope this is your memorable day of touching heart.
I have that experience.
I wish you all the best you and your little one ...♥️♥️♥️


 last month 

Yeah! The feeling of being a mother is cannot express from words and it is such a genuine thing to every mom. 😍

Every moment with her makes me rejoiced and feel innocent proud of raising her as my daughter. I always try to catch time to be with her and make her happy. 👶🏻😊


 last month 

At the moment you are passing a such a wonderful stage of your life, where I'm also in a such a stage like yours's. When we are with them time is passing very quickly and they do grow up very fast. Any way she is such a pretty girl.

 last month 

We are also happy to see your baby grow day by day. I'm sure she will be a good girl to everyone with your love and care. Giving love and care to a kid since her/his childhood helps him/her to become a decent person in future.


 last month 

It seems to be you are happy with your little baby. Wish a lovely life with your family.
Have a good day.

 last month 


@a-lass-wonders I do have son . It is not an easy task to make them smile. But I see you both have don it easily. She is cute... I'm sure she will illuminate your family... 💡💡💡

 last month 

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So cute baby, best wishes from my end dear.

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Thank you my friend ❤️