UPVU expands into the TRON ecosystem!

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We are excited to announce that UPVU's TRON Super Representative node, representing the Steem community, has been activated!

Wait, what is Super Representative?

As many of you already know,, there is a block producer called "Super Representative(SR)" on the TRON network, just as there are WITNESSES who keep the Steem network online all the time.

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On the TRON network, all TRX holders can apply to be SR candidates, and are likely to become SRs or SR Partners. Any TRX holder can vote for SR candidates, among which the top 27 most-voted candidates will become SRs, whole the 28th to 127th will become SR Partners.

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<image source : https://tronscan.org/#/sr/representatives>

SRs are responsible for producing blocks and packing transactions. On the other hand, SR Partners only receive voting rewards without performing the aforementioned two tasks. All SR candidates have the right to raise proposals to modify parameters on the TRON network.

Why is UPVU expanding into the TRON ecosystem?

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TRON is already a huge ecosystem with the 16th largest market cap, and the Top 27 SRs are made up of major exchanges or giants including Binance and Huobi.

We already know that the barrier to entry to the Top 27th SR is very high, and our main goal is not to get SR rewards.


In February 2020, Steemit and the Tron Foundation entered into a strategic partnership. As a result of that partnership, people active on Steemit will be able to receive additional TRX rewards, and almost all Steemians also have TRON accounts.

As of September 2022, a total of 23M TRX have been invested into the Steemit Ecosystem. The number of new Steemit users has grown significantly since the launch of the TRX Integration Project. Compared to pre-launch, there is a 68% increase in the monthly average of new Steemit accounts.

So it's quite natural to have at least one TRON SR based on the Steemit community, but that hasn't happened in the last two years.

This is only the beginning of integration

Steem Inc. and TRON DAO encourage the Steemit community to share new ideas to integrate TRX for the long-term development of Steemit. Starting with our candidacy for SR Partner, we plan to launch more things for the Steemit community to enjoy in the TRON ecosystem.

We will be working closely with the Banglas community (@bangla.witness, @rme, @hungry-griffin, @blacks @moh.arif) to make Steemit more of a blogging platform and an investment option. In addition, we sincerely hope that Tron DAO and Steemit Inc, will provide us with support opportunities such as project auditing, liquidity provisioning, and marketing.

Please support our SR by voting

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Currently, STEEM-UPVU SR is ranked 69th.

  • If you use a mobile app like TronLink, it's easier to participate in voting!

Thank you always for your support.
Stay tuned for more to come!

The UPVU Team

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Very informative article, thanks, @upvu.
What projects do you propose for Steemit development?

Just like I have said before the integration of both platform is really beneficial to both steem blockchain and Tron Blockchain and I am glad to be part of such platform with great insight.

Tron has made a lot for us now, it’s a good time to expand and contribute to both ecosystems. I hope you get ranked I’m sure this will be beneficial

So it's quite natural to have at least one TRON SR based on the Steemit community.

Yes, we completely agree with your points. it greatly aids in the development of the steem-tron bond.

but that hasn't happened in the last two years.

It was a shame for us. But you guys are really awesome. We appreciate your efforts and assure you that we will do everything in our power to assist you.

Congratulations, that's good news. @upvu

This is a great initiative, and I believe it will be beneficial to both steem and trx blockchain and inturn make steemit enjoyable for steemian.

Thank you @upvu for this information

Nice work! Thanks for sharing!

Keep up the fantastic effort!

What exactly does @upvu provide as a service?

This is very exciting news! Can we vote for you somewhere, like votes for steemit witnesses?

Hi @steemit-family,

You can vote using this site(https://tronscan.org/#/sr/votes?from=tronlink).

  1. Obtain TP(Tron Power, 1TRX=1TP like Steem Power Up(Unstake period is 72h))
  2. Vote "STEEM-UPVU"


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