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Last year, the Steem to USDT was made, and with today, I am happy to annouce that the Steem to TRX is also available.

Now, you can simply send STEEM or SBD to @steem2trx with the MEMO your TRON wallet, and then wait a few minute, to receive the TRX.




You can view the status of your Swap here:


Steem to the Moon🚀!

  • You can swap the STEEM/SBD to USDT (TRC-20) via steem2usdt!
  • You can swap the STEEM/SBD to TRX (TRON) via steem2trx!
  • You can swap the STEEM/SBD to BTS (BitShares) via steem2bts!
  • Register a free STEEM account at SteemYY!

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STEEM and TRX go to the moon!

Update: Steem To BitShares (BTS) Swap Now Available!


Will give this a try …. I need more Tron

This is a very very welcome development 👍 kudos to you @justyy for doing a great job.

Very convenient service for converting STEEM and SBD to TRX.👍

Just transfer your STEEM and SBD to @steem2trx account and put your TRX address in the Memo field.

That’s awesome @justyy !🤗
Have you thought about adding a Steem to BTC main chain, or Steem to Binance Smart Chain BTCB (much lower transaction fees).
This would help Steem users in the U. S. With on and off ramps for Steem. It would encourage more U. S. users to join the Steem Blockchain!😊

Thank you. yes, I know Steem to BTC swap should attract more interests.. however, I am still researching into it.

Sounds good @justyy, let us know what you find out!😊

Wow that would be awesome. Thank you very much for doing this.

Hi @justyy

Well done!

When in the oposite direction TRX > Steem?

You should look for lower transactions fees.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Hello Sir, Can we convert Steem to TRX? Steam can be used less and maximum in this. It happens like this. So there can be many benefits.

This is what this post is about.. Converting STEEM to TRX:

STEEM and TRX go to the moon. SOON

Hi , My STEEM has been forfeited after I use it. please take a look

DM-ed you. Thank you.

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