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Hello everyone, and greetings!
It's been almost 1 year since we launched bangla.witness. At the very beginning, we would like to thank everyone on behalf of Bangla.Witness, Because with your support we have reached a desired position very quickly. We are currently ranked 11th in the witness rankings. Without your support, it would have been really impossible for us to get this position. Thank you to everyone who has supported us in various ways. We have established Bangla.witness with a specific goal and objective in mind. We have been fairly successful in meeting our goals in the last 1 year. To publicly report the progress of Bangla.Witness, We have decided to release an update every 30 days. But for busy schedule we missed update post for last 3 month . Now, we are going to publish our This Month report about Bangla.Witness. Let's start..

Bangla.witness Stats
Witness Rank 11
Total Votes Received(MV) 130507.45 MV
Total Block produced 474101
Total Block Missed 185
Total Block Missed percentage 0.04%
Running Version 0.23.1

Last 3 month, we missed only 10 block. It's good news for us. So from our perspective, all is well. Our witness node is running quite nicely. Another piece of good news is that we are now ranked 11th in witness ranking. Our goal is to gradually raise our ranking. We currently have nearly 130,507.45 MV votes. Bangla.Witness Node is now running version 0.23.1

Progress About Our Development Work, Under the Bangla Witness Team:

We promise to do some development work under the bangla.witnesses team, and in our witness announcement post, we discuss our Android apps, website, and, among other things. Now we submit our development progress report..

SteemPro android apps Launch.

Finally Our Desire android apps SteemPro launch about 3 months ago. and almost 200+ user , using this apps regularly. now i give a little description about steempro android apps.


SteemPro is a decentralized mobile application on the Steem Blockchain. It is absolutely secure which means there is no possibility of any of your information being hacked. Because it has strong security. The SteemPro app is created in Typescript using the react-native framework. The most recent dependencies are implemented to reduce the chance of security breaches.Only you will have access to your keys. Your keys will not be saved anywhere . SteemPro is developed under the umbrella of Bangla Witness & Community Admins and Moderators of আমার বাংলা ব্লগ, Beauty of Creativity, Tron Fan Club, Steem Watcher, Steem Alliance & Steem Dev . You can read More details from Here.. Discord Bot

After a Long time another Update about Project. This Time We created a Public Discord Bot. Within Discord Bot anyone can check their Steem account Profile data easily. Besides steem account data we also add price command to check steem and sbd Price easily. in future we plan to add more command.
To add discord Bot in your Discord server click This link, then follow next instruction. Hope every community discord Sever owner add this bot in your server.
You can read More details from Here..

Bangla.witness team Witnees vote details:

Last month our tem decide to give witness vote to @dhaka.witness & @visionaer3003 witness .

Bangla.witness account Power down and steem-transfer:

Almost 1 month ago we declare that , we are managing our witness server cost from bangla.witness account. From that prospective last 3 month we powerdown some of bangla.witness acount sp and liquid it to manage server cost. Last month we transfer around 1500 steem to manage server cost.

Upvoting criteria about Bangla.witness:

From our last update , we only Upvote amarbanglablog Admin / Mod posts.

Configuration of our server:

Currently, we are running 3 nodes. There are three of them: seed node, RPC node, and witness node. Below there is more information about our server configuration.

Main Witness Node

We are running our main witness node with the following server configuration .

LocationFinland (Helsinki)
CPUAMD Ryzen™ 7 3700X
Bandwidth1 GBit/s
OSUbuntu 20.04.3 LTS

RPC Node
We are running our RPC node with the following server configuration .

LocationFinland (Helsinki)
CPUAMD Ryzen™ 9 5950X
SSD2x 3.84 TB NVMe SSD
Bandwidth1 GBit/s
OSUbuntu 20.04.3 LTS

Seed Node Port 2001
we are running Seed node and Backup witness node on VPS from Contabo with the following configuration.

CPU8 vCPU Cores
OSUbuntu 20.04

Witness Team:

@rmeChief Supporter and Advisor, Founder-Amar Bangla Blog
@blacksTeam Leader, CO-Founder Amar Bangla Blog
@moh.arifVPS Host and Node Leader
@dr-frankensteinOur Technical support Leader
@dev.supportersOur consultant team leader
@faisalaminCore Developer.
@rex-sumonPromotion team Leader .
@hafizullahAdvisor Team leader.
@nusuranurPromotion team Leader .
@swagata21Advisor Team Member.
@winklesAdvisor Team Member.
@shuvo35Advisor Team Member.
@kingporosPromotion team member.
@rupokPromotion team member.
@alsarzilsiamPromotion team member.
@tangeraAdvisor team member.
@ayrinbdAdvisor team member.

We would be grateful to you if you cast a witness vote for bangla.witness. you can cast a witness vote -


Click This Link , scrolling to the bottom, and filling in the form bangla.witness


Click This Link , Then continue with you steem username and key.

Thank you to everyone, who have supported us in many ways in witnessing run, who have inspired us by our side. We hope everyone's support will continue.


Thank you so much, I really appreciate 🙏

Evening Sir,
I would like to ask for your assistance with my account being hacked and I am not in control anymore of the wallet.
How can I recover control of my account @ybf?
I tried the recovery process on Steemworld but it led to no correction.
Can you help me, Sir?

Thanks a lot for supporting us🙏

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