Shock knockout loss for Josh Warrington vs Mauricio Lara

It was meant to be a gimme, a tune up fight that would lead to much bigger fights and much bigger pay days, but that's the risk you run when you take on an unknown fighter with everything to gain and not much to lose. Its why the Rocky franchise is one of the most successful long running franchises in movie history, its because its steeped in truth, give an underdog a shot and every so often one of those underdogs proves to have something that no one but him and his team knew he had.

Josh Warrington found himself on the wrong side of the latest true life Rocky movie as the little known, little man from Mexico, Mauricio Lara, punched his way into the headlines and hopefully into position for a deserved shot at a world title.

As the rounds passed and Warrington found himself more often than not on the losing side, the sky pundits kept making excuses for why Warrington was losing, he's rusty, its inactivity, Its just a slow start, but anyone with half a boxing brain could tell from the get go that Lara's style( Kinda reminds me of Edwin Valero) was gonna be a nightmare for Warrington. Warrington is used to being the bigger stronger man and imposing his will and high work rate on smaller fighters, but in Lara they chose a bigger stronger tougher man with a huge punch and an equally high work rate, of course he was going to lose you just took away all of his strengths, who ever picked that fight should be fired and seek employment outside of boxing. I'm not complaining it made for an exciting, high paced bust up that was a joy to watch and i wish there were more fights like it, but from a business perspective it was a huge mistake.

Lara pressed his advantage at every opportunity, at times completely neglecting his own defence in favour of attack, taking a shot in order to land his own, safe in the knowledge that he was able to soak up and dish out much more than that of Warrington. In the ninth round his efforts paid dividends as Warrington crumpled unconscious to the canvas, only rising after help from the medical staff at ringside and the aid of an oxygen mask. The news is that Warrington is already talking rematch, think that is a huge mistake as Lara has his number, he should move on and rebuild his career fighting someone else.

However high Mauricio Lara's meteoric journey takes him, wether it be to the world title or to his next fight, it will be fun and interesting to watch this real life Rocky story unfold, best of luck and best wishes Mauricio. From a new fan.



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