2024 Russian Gymnastics Championships Medal Winners

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The 2024 Russian Women's Artistic Gymnastics Championships was a remarkable event that showcased the best of Russian gymnastics talent. The competition was held in Moscow, the heart of Russia, and attracted athletes from all over the country.

The championships were dominated by some exceptional performances: Angelina Melnikova was the most solid competitor, winning medals in every single individual competition she took part in. She won gold in all the finals, except for uneven bars, where she got bronze.

In the all around category, the competition was fierce with Viktoria Listunova, Lyudmila Roshina, and Angelina Melnikova battling it out. Each gymnast displayed a unique blend of strength, agility, and grace, pushing the boundaries of what was thought possible in the sport.

The vault event saw Julia Biryulya and Eleonora Afanasieva giving tough competition to Melnikova. Their performances were a testament to their hard work and dedication, and they were rewarded with medals for their efforts.

The uneven bars final was a spectacle of precision and control. Despite the intense competition, Melnikova managed to secure a bronze medal, with Viktoria Listunova and Lyudmila Roshina also putting up strong performances to win silver and gold.

The beam competition was a display of balance and concentration. Kristina Shapovalova and Elena Gerasimova joined Melnikova on the podium, each showcasing their unique styles and techniques.

The floor event was perhaps the most exciting of as Leila Vasilyeva, Viktoria Listunova, and Angelina Melnikova enthralled the audience with their dynamic and artistic routines.

The 2024 Russian Artistic Gymnastics Championships highlighted the athletes’ dedication, hard work, and the love they have for gymnastics. As we look forward to future championships, one thing is certain - the future of Russian gymnastics is bright, but they are relegated to domestic competitions as the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues.

Watch the video above to see all the individual medal winners.

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