Yes your cash out is coming, sorry for the delay. But, you're getting off light. In every single other case of cheating we have kept the players balance. I made an exception since you seem to be an OK person most of the time.

Ultimately it was left up to me on how to handle your situation. Since you said I was "mean" for simply questioning if you were a sockpuppet, then you throwing 2 other players under the bus by having them vouch for you (aka your sockuppet) while you were cheating ... I cannot tolerate that despite others wanting me to let you off with a warning.

You may have been goofing around or whatever you wish to call it, but busting out of a poker tournament, then creating a sockpuppet account and rejoining the same tournament is grounds for a ban every single time on any site in the world.

Thanks. But I didn't throw anyone under the bus. Brisby was sitting right next to me when I made the account so she could play. She couldn't remember her password. Then she freaked out when you started questioning her. And I don't know why hive vouched for me. Lol. I certainly didn't ask him to. I guess we just saw this as something fun and never took it too seriously.

I already understand why I'm banned. I broke a rule. But spare me the lecture on integrity because no other gambling site I've ever been on allows it's admins to gamble.

We're not running proprietary software with superuser ability (like other sites). We have no advantage while playing, we see the exact same thing as every other player. All we can do is create tournaments and handle the player database.

We're not being paid to do this btw, there is no profit in it at all, only expenses. It's a Community effort and we're simply the part of the Community funding the software costs, server costs, development costs on the sites and every other cost not covered by donations, which means 99% of the costs is covered out of our pockets.

So please forgive us fellow Community members who fund the vast majority of the entertainment supplied by these websites for taking a break from paying the bills out of our pockets, giving up our free time to code and posting to promote it to others.

Comparing us to PokerStars or any other poker site running custom software they coded is not a fair comparison at all (see above). Also, we're not a "gambling site". We do not accept deposits and we do not charge a rake. We are an educational Freeroll poker site and all funds for the games are provided by us from our post rewards or out of our wallets, advertisers, players who donate or other Steem Community members (AKA : the people you tried to cheat) who wish to support the sites.

Good day to you Sir!

You compared yourself to "any site in the world". I never did. I saw it as community entertainment. That's why I donated to your most popular weekly tournament. Good day to you and good luck with everything. And I sincerely mean that.

If you still want to play on the site, and will never abuse our rules again, you are welcome to play again.