Vegetable Monday, Mango (Mangifera indica)/#Fruitsandveggiesmonday/The Alliance

This week I am pleased to accompany my friend @lenasveganliving in her entertaining challenge to publish a topic related to vegetables and fruits. Again I will present a fruit and it is...

MANGO (Manguifera indica)

The mango plant originated in India is perhaps the most consumed fruit by Venezuelans

El mango planta originaria de la India es quizas el fruto mas consumidpopor los venezolanos

This fruit, rich in vitamins and minerals, is distributed practically all over Venezuela. There are many ways to consume it, as a ripe fruit from the plant itself to the table

Due to the economic crisis that Venezuela is experiencing, mango consumption has increased and it is common to hear mangoes mentioned as chicken of the tree!

One of the ways I prepare mango is like "Ceviche", it is prepared with other vegetables cooked in lime juice

I also love mango jelly, a delicious delicacy made with green mango and sugar

We must be careful, our plants are being attacked every day by the fruit fly, which generates the rotting of our mangoes.

That's the unpleasant aspect of damaged fruit

Original @oizaguirres photographic and written support

 4 years ago (edited)

Please post mango posts in a 'mango community' but not in my INSECT community! :)

Mango is one of my favorite fruits. Thank you for sharing 🌴🥭🌴

Most Beautiful Fruit & Veggie.png

A quien no le guste el mango, no sabe lo que se pierde, hay muchas variedades, tamaños, y lo que se prepara con ellos, hasta un pollo o cualquier tipo de carnes se puede usar el mango para guisar como si fuera papa.

I love mango it's my favorite fruit in the world indeed

Sencillo y educativo, gracias por compartir.

Que sabroso me encanta el mango. Esa mata es enorme. Apoyado #toptres del día @oizaguirres

Es una tortura ver este tipo de post, detras de mi casa hay una mata pero es la ultima que carga en todo el sector

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