is Spider a Insect? Some facts about the Spider | Spider Macro Photography

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Today We will talk about the **Spider** and go through some of their interesting facts. Some people not able to differentiate between the Spider and the Insect. So what is the identification of a spider and Insect?


Spiders have 8 legs and have a bipartite body, the concept of a bipartite body is the same as a bipartite graph. The spider may have 6-8 eyes. The spider body has two major parts called prosoma and opisthosoma. Spiders belong to the arachnid family and the arachnid family includes scorpions, ticks, and mites. Did you know spiders have not ears and noses? Yes, the fact is true, they listen to the environment by the hair on their body and by the vibration on their webs.


There are almost 40,000 species of Spider. Spider silk is used for a different objective. Firstly, spiders use their silk to capture prey, humans use spider silk in bulletproof vests, clothes, and parachutes, etc. A female Spider can lay eggs up to 2000 at a time. Spider silk is considered as more strong than steel with the same thickness.





  • ℓσ¢αтισи: 96 RB Fazalabad, Pakistan
  • ¢αмєяα: Samsung NX Mini
  • ℓєиѕ: 9-27 mm + 17X Macro VELEDGE + 10X Apexel
  • є∂ιтιиg ѕσfтωαяє: Aurora HDR



T̳̿͟͞h̳̿͟͞a̳̿͟͞n̳̿͟͞k̳̿͟͞s̳̿͟͞ ̳̿͟͞f̳̿͟͞o̳̿͟͞r̳̿͟͞ ̳̿͟͞R̳̿͟͞e̳̿͟͞a̳̿͟͞d̳̿͟͞i̳̿͟͞n̳̿͟͞g̳̿͟͞


Greetings friend, beautiful specimen, and the images are very professional good work.

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