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I don't know much about the first one ...

IMG_9788 malo.jpg

... I mean, the species on this photograph ...

IMG_9805 malo.jpg

... but the second one, the caterpillar on this shot ...

IMG_9714 malo.jpg

... is the larval phase of the Choreutis nemorana moth.


These larvae build a small tent on the upper surface of the leaf, and then, they feed under the silk.

IMG_9797 malo.jpg

It's a very common pest on this tree, but fortunately they don't cause much damage to the plant ... at least not in this area, as I could see.

IMG_9715 malo.jpg

The adult moth assumes a pretty unusual, characteristic pose when resting.

IMG_9744 malo.jpg

And now is time to go back to the first species, the one that you saw on the opening shot. The caterpillar was on the leaf on that photograph ...

IMG_9743 malo.jpg

... but usually I see these larvae on the twigs ...

IMG_9733 malo.jpg

... where they are nicely camouflaged and often hard to spot.
As always in posts, the photographs are my work.

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