My three best days? Wow! What a difficult task! Every day of my life is important to me: the good and the bad. However, with this publication I do not want to tell you about the bad ones, I prefer to review in my wide range of best moments of life that I keep in my drawer of memories. These are: my first job, my first career and the birth of my nephew.

My first job Congratulations you have won the contest!

May 2, 2005 is the day that significantly impacted my life. This day I received a call that materialized my dream (objective): to work at the Universidad de Oriente, Sucre Nucleus, the study house where I was trained and where I currently work.

Why was that day so important to me? I tell you. On an afternoon of talking with my study friends, a recently graduated girl approached us. After talking about everything and nothing, she told us that she had been hired by UDO and that she was very happy. Something inside me moved and instinctively I said to my friends: I want to be a University Professor. They looked at me, they laughed and, well, it was all there.

I began to focus more on my goal: I read, studied, wrote, asked questions, sought guidance ... until my graduation day arrived and with it the receipt of my degree. My job search began. I started in high schools (public and private). That only lasted a few months. A newspaper advertisement came into my hands (yes, at that time there were still newspapers in my country). Do not wait. I entered and it turns out that on May 2, 2004 I received a very important call. On the other side of the phone, a voice told me that she had won a credentialing contest in the Basic Education and Currents of Pedagogical Thinking subjects.

My heart was filled with joy. My purpose had finally materialized: to become a university professor. That meant two things to me. The first, to become completely independent from my family, since, until that moment, I totally depended on them. At that time, pursuing a university career paid very well and, in addition, provided you with a high quality of life. On the other hand, it taught me the value of focusing on getting something. Actually, it takes me a bit to focus, but when I do, there is no human power that can deviate from my purpose until I achieve it.

I am usually very stubborn and when something really matters to me, I don't rest until I get it. From that moment, I knew that the focus and the actions shorten the distances between what we want and its materialization. So focus and move, but do it for something that moves you, that is born from the depths of your being. Not what your parents impose on you, or your friends. Focus on what makes you happy (and do not harm others, of course, always looking for your growth without overshadowing others) and look for ways to achieve it.

2nd moment: My first race What a thrill!

Wow! That day was just great. I remember the nerves and the emotion of the moment. Never in my life would I have imagined attending a race and making my debut as an amateur runner. I enrolled in the race and together with a group of colleagues we organized the trip. That involved transportation, lodging and food.

It was the first time I had ever gotten myself into such a situation. The day of the trip arrived. The journey was great. Quiet. I met a lot of people. Some good, others not so many. We arrived at the hotel, we settled down. We rested. We went for walks to various places. I overcame my fear of heights. No one knew I was afraid of heights, but it turns out that my desire to see other places was stronger, so no fear would stop me.

The next day it was time to run. We get up early. My colleagues gave me their best advice. They emphasized to me that it was my first race and that I had to complete it. I had to stay alone in my lane. Nerves attacked me ha ha ha ha ha! Then, to calm that voice that told me you will not succeed. I took a deep breath, visualized the goal, and started running. Slow, always thinking about taking one step at a time. The ride was great. I saw people in disguise, people walking with their dogs and children, people with disabilities. I met Marvin Blanco ... uff, many things.

Little by little, I approached kilometer 8: the wall, as they call it. I couldn't take one more step and, again, I took a breath, slowed down and kept going, but I wouldn't stop, that, no. My friends were waiting for me. I was the last to arrive. However, they never thought that I could trot to the finish line. That day I realized that many people underestimated me, but I inadvertently showed that I could do it.

Many joked about my time, it wasn't very good, really. But, I felt so good about myself, because before I dared to do something like that, I came to weigh 110 kilos and it was coming out of very bad things for me emotionally and that was something like the start of a new stage, a rediscovery. Something like this, surely my friend @ lisfabian, will know how to explain it better than me.

After that I tried to improve, to lose more weight, to improve my diet. That led me to run 21kilometer. Yes, 21km. I improved my times. For now, I unsubscribed, but I really want to go back and when I start with an idea, I almost always end up materializing. Maybe in a little while, I'll tell you how I'm doing with that ...

3rd moment. My nephew's birth: I'm going to be an aunt.

The best news I've ever had in my life. That great event revolutionized my whole family that was filling up with old men. Before my nephew, we were dad, mom, my sister and me. So for a family as small as ours, it was a source of great joy. After the news, my mom started: she made a basket, bassinets, knitted diaper edges, blankets, souvenirs and more. Dad had no room for emotion, he called all his friends and brothers to inform them and he was much more excited when he found out that he was a boy.

For my part, this unworn aunt attended all the medical check-ups with my sister. I bought how many baby accessories I saw. Always pending the evolution of the pregnancy. On September 9, 2009 my nephew was born. This girl, now turned into an aunt, because there was no room for emotion (and her parents were no exception). I took photos that would perpetuate this whole process. Many are on Facebook, so I don't post them here.

Then came the birthdays and guess who learned to make piñatas, well yes gentlemen, me. I tell them that until that moment I had not dedicated myself to anything that has to do with crafts, but I suppose that this being an aunt, is like that.

Now he is 10 years old and continues to be the center of attention of the aunt and everyone in the house. He really likes manga and anime, video games, reading, watching TV and eating. This experience has been very good for me and I am grateful to have the pleasure of accompanying my sister in raising her son. While I can, I will always try to be with him so I don't miss any stage of his life.

Oops, I think I stretched out a bit! Hahaha! But when inspiration comes, you have to take advantage of it. I do not want to say goodbye without first thanking this initiative in which we can leave something of us in our blogs. It was a bit difficult, digging through the memory drawer and selecting only three days, but I did it and really enjoyed writing.

They are loved,

Thank you for reading!


Amiga bella y emotiva tu publicación. Te quiero.
Un abrazo y un resstem.

you are a runner , great i admire that will power. i just run for a bit of exersise.
and the birth oh a nephew is always such a gem, i am going to be an aunt aswell. in 5,5 months my brother will be a father for the first time such great news, thanks for participating and see you next week for the last week of challenges in the redfish rally

Oh, thanks for stopping by and leaving me your comment. Being an aunt is the best. You will be a playmate, mischief, kitchen assistant hahahahahaha ... The one who consents a lot ...
In short, a pleasant experience.
There is nothing better than starting the day running a few kilometers.

Hola, amiga @yeceniacarolina

Muy lindo testimonio de algunos de tus momentos más felices.

Tienes razón, la constancia y la dedicación dan hermosos frutos y los bebés son la luz de la vida.

Te deseo lo mejor

Un abrazo desde San Cristóbal

Un comentario, un voto y un reestim

Aplausos por tu participación y felicidades por este recuento que forma parte de tu intimidad. Bendiciones para Andrés.

Una estupenda publicación, siguiendo esta carrera que nos trae lindas publicaciones, emotivas y con buen ánimo. Un abrazo y un resstem. @yeceniacarolina

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