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A special birthday greeting goes out to


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Britt is one of the most dynamic people on the blockchain! She came to Hive/Steem in January of 2018 and has worked very hard since then as a tireless blogger, a valued community member, an excellent community leader, and as part of a witness team. She is one of the three founding members of @theterminal and has been indispensable as an Admin there and everyone loves her! She is also a Gold Member of the PowerHouseCreatives community, and is also involved with SteemitMamas, TheRamble, HiveDiscord, PALnet, and many other communities.

Besides her online life, she is married with children & pets under her care. She enjoys flowers, cooking, art, photography, shopping, taking walks, visiting & feeding the horses on her neighbor's farm, and many other interests that help to fuel her blogging — there is never a dull moment in her blog! She is immensely proud of her country, The Netherlands, as well as her real-life community.

We are definitely blessed to have this wonderful lady in our midst!
We love you, Britt! 💖

Check out one of her recent posts:

👉 Hive at 5 :MILKTAP , the milk tap, on my #wednesdaywalk

Interested in Delegating to @theterminal ?

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