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In the Steem Terminal we are all about

educating others and encouraging a friendly

and supportive community.


Because of this, we wanted to find a way to pass this on to our Redfish Rally contestants.

To do this we are setting up a few challenges for them during their race participation.

These challenges are completely voluntary and

NOT required in order to participate in the Redfish Rally.


For Week 3, the challenge is called


For those who have not written a freewrite before, this is your chance to explore your imaginative side.

Take the prompt below and show us what you can do with it. Either fiction or non-fiction, it's your choice. How you interpret the prompt is entirely up to you.

In this challenge, your prompt will be: Write about your best three days.

Inspired by @shadowspub


1. Must use the prompt given above.

2. The image you use must be one that is free to use from any free site such as!

3. There must be a source below this image showing where to find it.

4. Write at least 250 words + about the chosen place or things to see and why you chose it. Photos of the places or things would be a plus.

5.The tag to be used is #RRFC.


If you would like to visit these Freewrite Challenge posts

the tag is #RRFC and the contestants are










We are sure they would appreciate it very much.

( we are half way march so the participants that werent able to blog the last weeks have been removed from the rally )





A reputation of 53 or lower.*

Six months or lower in account age.*

Less than 100 SP.


No history of blacklist or plagiarism.

*This is looked at on a case by case basis.


Each month is a first-of-month to last-of-month time period.

Registering will take place the time prior to the First of each month.

We collect the raw reputation in the website the first day of the month (or when the person registers) and then take the raw reputation on the last day of the month and make the decision based upon that difference.

Upvote suggested but not required.

Resteem not required, but appreciated

Please note: an upvote or resteem or not will in no way affect the outcome of the contest.


So what are you waiting for? Sign up today to participate in next month's contest! The only thing you have to do is let us know either in the comments below or in the Steem Terminal (just click the banner below), then just start posting and commenting! That's all YOU need to do!

The Rally Staff , @brittandjosie, @iamraincrystal and @justclickindiva are always available for advice, help or ideas, just look us up in the terminal, with the different time zones there is always on of us around.



This would enable us to connect and engage with even more new Steemian accounts. If so, please contact Ren at (xcountytravelers#7157) in the Discord Server Steem Terminal or down below in the comments. We appreciate your interest in helping us to help others.


Thanks @minnerz22 for the gif!

to learn more about either of these projects, please visit: @heyhaveyamet or @steemterminal


Why not visit their account @heyhaveyamet today?


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Buenísimo, amigos.

Saludos amigo, anótate para este próximo Rally.

Excelente video, para el Rally entrante invito a participar a @naylet y a @zhanavic.

Hello Friends of @steemterminal

Thanks for informing. Already my thought started hehe

One little thing, in the Requirements section, you put what refers to Rally 100. It would be convenient to modify it, to make it more explicit.

See you soon

A big hug

thanks a lot for the mention @steemterminal

Thank you team, for the beautiful themes for the rally.
I am very happy to be participating and I am trying to give my best.
I encourage my colleagues to continue to the end.

Terrific Freewrite Challenge for the Redfish 500Ralliers @steemterminal. Your best 3 days. Now I can surely find something to write about there. Thanks for all you do to inspire the Redfish Ralliers in their quest to learn and grow their accounts.

Redfish 500 Ralliers! Tell me your best 3 days. Look forwarding to reading your blogs. And thanks for your participation. We appreciate your enthusiasm and desire to learn and grow.

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