Very important! DEFI + WEBSITE what You need to SEEN

A sector rotation into DEFI is happening - where token economics actually make sense:

  • KNC - AMM
  • SNX - Synthetic casino
  • LEND - Flash loans
  • MKR - Collateralize loans
  • KAVA - MKR on Cosmos / DOT
  • RUNE - Eross-chain uniswap
  • ZRX - Dex
  • LRC - L2 Dex
  • REN - Hidden orderbook

important link:

Intuitive chart for crypto currencies

Intuitive chart for crypto currencies

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CryptoCompare is a central authority for clear and concise information, offering unrivalled breadth, scope and depth of data, bridging the gap between the crypto asset and traditional financial markets.

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ETH Gas Station aims to increase the transparency of gas prices, transaction confirmation times, and miner policies on the Ethereum network. The long term success of Ethereum depends on a healthy and efficient market for the price of gas. We hope this site will help people get the best gas price.

Interactive map with crypto - fiat move

One of the site with news

The main target of Tokeneo was to create place for trading and also creation of unique system, that allows investors to earn from Tokeneo success. Profits generated by Tokeneo exchange are divided by TEO holders after closure of each day. For Tokeneo, full transparency is also a prior, so all informations are regullary shared with investors.



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