@jeanpi1908 was flaged by @steemflag! @jeanpi1908 入列 @steemflag !

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@jeanpi1908 入列 @steemflag 的 flaglist :@jeanpi1908 事先没有给出任何合理的理由,用 100% 比例踩我的帖子。

@jeanpi1908 was listed in @steemflag 's flaglist: @jeanpi1908 didn't give any reasonable reason in advance, and downvoted my posts with 100% weight.

@jeanpi1908 主动 downvote 我的帖子之一:

@jeanpi1908 active downvote one of my posts:

@steemflag set sail to safeguard freedom of speech and fight against double standards

我特别恐慌,所以发起反击,无论在steem/hive,我都会回馈给 @jeanpi1908 尽量是100%的"downvote back",还请 @jeanpi1908 务必笑纳。

I was so panicked that I launched a counterattack. No matter on steem / hive, I will give @jeanpi1908 100% of the "downvote back" as much as possible. Please also @jeanpi1908 be sure to smile and kindly accept it.

The connivance of evils is the slaughter of the good! @steemitblog @justinsunsteem

对恶人的纵容,就是对善良的屠杀! @steemitblog @justinsunsteem

Who gave Double standard party courage to downvote others?!谁给了双标党乱踩别人的勇气?!

也请 @steemit @steemitblog @misterdelegation 支持的steem 社区领袖们,见证这些入列的霸凌者!

Please also invite the steem community leaders supported by @steemit @steemitblog @misterdelegation to witness these listed bullies!

@steemcurator01 @steemcurator02 @steemcurator03 @steemcurator04 @steemcurator05 @steemcurator06 @steemcurator07 @steemcurator08 @bullionstackers @justyy @steemhunt

本帖 steem 首发

@jeanpi1908 was flaged by @steemflag! @jeanpi1908 入列 @steemflag !


  1. @steemflag 开门迎客第四单,@carn 荣登 “天字第四号”
  2. @steemflag 开门迎客第三单,@espoem 荣登 “天字第三号”
  3. @steemflag 开门迎客第二单,@pundito 荣登 “天字第二号”
  4. @steemflag 开门迎客第一单,@ericwilson 荣登 “天字第一号”
  5. @steemflag set sail to safeguard freedom of speech and fight against double standards
  6. steemflag起航,维护言论自由,打击双重标准
  7. steem分叉后出现了很多滥用行为,steemflag准备起航

@huaren.news 私人的反“双重标准和限制言论自由”的flag榜单标准


Respect the freedom of speech of anyone, but the following behaviors will be flag:

F1. 不给予合理的理由,而使用downvote霸凌弱小账号(踩比例高于1%或单贴造成损失5%);

F1. Without give a reasonable reason, using downvote bully weak small account (the proportion of downvote is higher than 1% or single post causes loss of 5%);

F2. 限制他人言论自由;

F2. Restrictions on freedom of others expression;

F3. 双重标准的霸凌团伙(私人的双重标准,属于私人好恶和私人恩怨,不列入flag) ;

F3. Double standard bullying group (private double standard, belonging to private likes or dislikes and private grudges, not included in the flag)

@steemflag list:

  1. @ericwilson : F1
  2. @pundito : F1
  3. @espoem : F1
  4. @carn : F1
  5. @jeanpi1908 : F1

pls flag more of my post that already payed out and make post about it so you soak out more and more rewards from the pool and so that steem dies. The reason for the flag was disagreement on reward,, that is a vlide reason for flagging, revange flags aren't one.

胆小鬼,有本事power up SP/HP,在steem/hive我都等着你!


I don't speak 胆小鬼,有本事power up SP/HP,在steem/hive我都等着你!


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